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A Gravitational Field from Angry Birds Star Wars II

A Gravitational Field, often simply called a Gravity Field, is a gravity-pulling object seen in a few games. It was first found in Angry Birds Space. Gravitational Fields later appear in Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II. They take the form of translucent circles around a strong pull of gravity, usually a planet (or at least a point). The fields influence everything within the light circle outline.



Screenshot of Red flying in a Gravitational Field as seen in Angry Birds Space

When Birds fly into a gravity field, it will be drawn closer and closer to its center, altering its course. Unless there is an obstruction in the path of the bird, it will fall to the lowest point in the gravity field. Pigs, as well as their structures, are affected by the gravity field as well. However, with enough force (but not enough to kill it, only move it), a Pig can escape a gravity field, but the Pig will have a small chance of survival afterward because...

Gravity fields also function as atmospheres. It allows Pigs to breathe without the use of bubbles. If a Pig is outside a field and is not in a bubble (or has it popped in space), that Pig will freeze and will shatter in a matter of seconds. This can be avoided by tossing the Pig back into a field, though it will likely pop from acceleration or falling blocks. Also, any other object that falls into it, will gain gravity as well.

The strength of gravity in the field is constant and does not fall off. Objects will be pulled into the field at the same force regardless of how distant they are from the field's origin. Vents of similar function appear in Red Planet and Brass Hogs, but are commonly rectangular and push away. Gravity fields can intersect, and if they do, they will both pull on objects in their common area.


Most episodes have BLUE-colored gravitational fields, but some are a different color. Red Planet has BEIGE-colored gravitational fields, Eggsteroids has ORANGE-colored gravitational fields, and the Danger Zone has RED-colored gravitational field.