Is that what i think it is?
— Leonard, (The Angry Birds Movie)

The Great Egg War refers to the ongoing conflict with the Birds and Pigs over the birds ' Eggs. In the Angry Birds animated film adaptations, the war lasted for several years, beginning shortly on the last day of the Pigs' expedition to Bird Island and ending soon after Zeta used her superweapon on the shores of Piggy Island for the first time.


The following description of the conflict is based on the film adaptations of the Angry Birds franchise.

Prelude to war

During their expedition to Bird Island, when the Pigs made first contact with the Birds, the former were welcomed by the latter with open wings, resulting in a few nights of celebration as the two exchanged knowledge of their cultures. During the festivities, after Leonard demonstrates the invention of the Slingshot by having Red be the first Bird to use it, he discovers suspicious things at the Pigs' The Porkchop Express nearby. His suspicions become more substantial when he notices the Pigs being highly interested in an Egg at Palm District.

Alarmed by what he found, Red convinces Chuck and Bomb to embark on a days-long journey to Mighty Eagle's cave to convince Mighty Eagle to deal with the Pigs. They make the journey, but fail to convince him to intervene. By the time they return, night began to fall and the Pigs were distracting the Birds with a huge rave party, so that they would be oblivious to what the Pigs truly wanted to do on the island.[1]

The war ignites

While the Birds were dancing, their village was left unguarded and the Pigs knew that their unborn were now ripe for the taking. Thus, they raided the village, ransacking buildings left and right with TNT while snatching the Eggs and quickly transporting them to the Express using umbrella zip lines and their own fleet of ground vehicles, so that they could take the Eggs back to Piggy Island and make a meal out of them. Red, Chuck and Bomb attempt to stop the raid, but are too late and are knocked out after a Pig catapulted Mighty Eagle statue right over them with an explosive.

The next morning, the Birds gathered at the beach where the Pigs left, and Red rallies them to stage a counterattack, constructing a makeshift raft out of TNT and taking the Slingshot with them to sail to Piggy Island in hopes of rescuing the Eggs. A climatic battle ensues as the Birds get to the outskirts of Pig City and began assaulting by launching themselves into it with the Slingshot. Red, Chuck and Bomb are able to get into the castle as Leonard is preparing the eggs to be cooked for lunch, and are able to save them from being boiled with last-minute help from Mighty Eagle. The battle ends in an explosive victory for the Birds that destroys Pig City when Leonard draws Red into a final showdown in the castle's munitions cellar, where the latter pulls off a trick to set the munitions off and survive unscathed.

The victorious Birds, including the newly born Hatchlings saved from the battle, admired Red as a hero for years to come, to the point where Hatchlings wanted to reenact the struggle between the Birds and Pigs. Meanwhile, the surviving Pigs, including Leonard and Ross, rise from the wreckage of their city, plotting revenge. This would begin a war between Birds and Pigs that would continue for years.[1]

An unlikely truce

While little is known about what exactly happened throughout the years of the Great Egg War and whether the Pigs attempted to kidnap any Eggs again or even Hatchlings, other than the fact that the Pigs ultimately stopped kidnapping the Eggs at some later point in the war,[2] its end was more certain, but also unexpected. While the Birds and Pigs were resorting to long-distance pranks in their battle tactics, the war came to a sudden halt when the rogue eagle Zeta, from Eagle Island, fired her superweapon for the first known time into the shores of Piggy Island. The fact that the attack didn't come from Bird Island led Leonard to call an emergency truce so that he could investigate who was behind it. The Birds at first think that Leonard's call for a truce was just a trick, but Leonard makes his best attempts to prove that the war needs to end because of a new threat, including arriving to the island in person with his submarine. With the war ending peacefully for the time being, the Birds and Pigs form an uneasy Bird-Pig alliance, and a strike team to combat the new threat that is Zeta.[3]

Game history

In a number of Angry Birds games, the Birds are engaged in a continuous war with King Smoothcheeks, the son of Leonard or other major Pig villains such as Don Bacon over the fate of their Eggs. The Birds raid and demolish various Pig structures and/or bash Pigs, mostly with their trusty giant slingshot, to save whatever Eggs the Pigs may have taken and kept from them.

There is not much sense of canonicity throughout the games, for the sake of entertainment, but whatever sense of continuity in the games is ultimately contradicted by the animated films' canon. In particular, King Smoothcheeks, the villain of the original Angry Birds game, was stated to be Leonard's son and the first film was mostly designed as a prequel and origin story to the first game, but Leonard is still ruler of Piggy Island during the film sequel, which also sees the end of the war between the Birds and the Pigs without any mention or appearance of his son Smoothcheeks in either film.

Behind the scenes

One of the things that was on our mind, and Thurop and I talked about quite a bit through the making of The Angry Birds Movie 2, was that the audience is probably expecting certain things from this movie. They’re expecting more of those battles between birds and pigs, because that’s what only happens in the Angry Birds games, and it was exciting to us to give them something that they totally didn’t expect, something very different, which was introducing this new villain, that the birds and pigs are forced to team up and work together to take on.
— John Cohen, producer of The Angry Birds Movie 2
The Great Egg War between the Birds and the Pigs has been a pivotal conflict throughout most Angry Birds media, with the original developers coming up with the very idea of having green pigs being the enemy of the Angry Birds when the swine flu epidemic was making headlines months before the game was first released.[4] Nearly a decade later, however, The Angry Birds Movie 2 discards this central conflict and breaks from the games' source material by having the Birds and Pigs agree to an emergency truce and a new alliance to face a new threat, ending their war. The film's production team decided upon this because they believed that a sequel to the first film needed to outdo its predecessor, defy long-held expectations and boldly adopt new ideas.[5] This was part of what made the film a critical, if not commercial success.



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