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Green Pig Soup is the twenty-seventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description[]

The pigs try to approach the eggs in Matilda's garden by disguising themselves as cabbages. But they didn't expect her to notice and then try to prune, or worse, cook them!


One day, Corporal Pig plans to steal the eggs in Matilda's garden using the three Minion Pigs disguised in cabbages. The Minion Pigs start to walk to the group of cabbages. They look at Matilda and The Eggs. But Matilda then starts to walk to the group of cabbages and minion pigs start to hide in the cabbages. Matilda gets a cabbage and starts to pound it very hard with a shovel, which causes the minion pigs to shiver in fear.

The Minion Pigs start to hide in bushes while Matilda starts to pick the best cabbages and put them in the wooden wheelbarrow. One of the pigs gets caught by Matilda, thinking him as a cabbage.

The second minion pig is afraid to get caught so he hides himself in a bush but accidentally steps a gardening rake, launching nuts into his head and causing him to groan in pain. Noticing the noise, Matilda comes by and puts the pig into the wheelbarrow where the first minion pig is, thinking him as another cabbage and laughs before closing the wheelbarrow.

Matilda finds another minion pig hiding in a bush and, thinking him again as yet another cabbage, throws it in where the two minion pigs are. They then realize that the other cabbage was the third minion pig, but it was a cabbage stuffed with grass. The third minion pig is hiding inside a pumpkin instead of being dressed as cabbage, and he starts to run to the eggs. When Matilda picks up the cabbages, she pounds the first cabbage with the shovel. The minion pigs, terrified of getting pounded, jump into the cooking pot. When the disguised minion pig is about to capture the eggs, Matilda catches him before he can do so and discovers that the cabbages she picked were piggies. Looking back to the eggs, Matilda lets out an absolutely furious and continuous scream of pure rage to the pigs before violently throwing them back to their hideout. The piggies then land on the ground and Corporal Pig wonders where the eggs are, only for the piggies to eat the cabbages and the pumpkin they wore.

Cast (in order of appearance)[]



  • This episode is similar to Double Take:
    • In the Double Take episode, The minion pigs hid as eggs, so that Matilda wouldn't notice them when the Corporal Pig got the eggs (The Blues), but she notices and throws them out.
    • In this episode, The minion pigs hid as cabbages, so that Matilda wouldn't notice them as they wanted to steal the eggs, but again are noticed and thrown out.
  • This is the fifth episode to have a Pig, Pigs or Piggies' name in the title card. First was Pig Talent, Second was Crash Test Piggies, Third was Hypno Pigs and the fourth was The Bird That Cried Pig.
  • This is the second time Matilda prepares a soup and creates a wild storm by getting angry. First was in the episode Cordon Bleugh!
  • This is the first episode written by Glenn Dakin.
  • Matilda's cooking seems to have improved since Cordon Bleugh!
  • This was #18 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.



Angry Birds Toons - Green Pig Soup - S1 Ep27

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