Green and Furious
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Episode number 16
Air Date July 21, 2018
Written by Chris Sadler
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Well Done Dream Dog

Green and Furious is the sixteenth episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

YouTube Description

A petrolhead goes to great lengths for a sweet ride.


A pig is happy with his new automobile, he picks the key of it and kisses it, he runs to the automobile, but accidentaly hits the automobile's turbine, he gets scared and fixes it. He jumps on the automobile's barrel, he presses the steering wheel's horn and is going to pick the key, but he notices that the key is gone, he searches it everywhere and finds out that it's on the manhole, he gets scared. He puts his hoof on the manhole and tries to reach the key, but gets tired and tries to take it off, but he is launched to the barrel. He now tries to catch it with a fishing net, but it accidentaly grabs the automobile and it runs over him, he gets angry and comes with TNT and dynamite, he puts it on the manhole and lits all the fuses, but he accidentaly sits on it. A flashback of an Angry Birds Toons  explosion is shown, then, the automobile is completely destroyed and full of black grease, the pig falls on it and then the key falls next to him, he gets happy and drives the automobile, but it is going backwards.




Piggy Tales 4th Street - Green and Furious-0

Piggy Tales 4th Street - Green and Furious-0

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