Greg Blue is a bird that appeared in The Angry Birds Movie and Angry Birds Blues.


He is the husband of Olive Blue and the father of Jay, Jake and Jim


He is a dark blue bird with a light blue belly, yellow beak and legs, orange circles around his eyes with teal green pupils and dark teal blue hair feathers and tail.


Greg is goofy, calm, happy and lazy, often sleeping at important things. Beside this, he is careful about his sons and loves his wife, he is shown to be a great builder, building things such as a Joy Ride Mighty Eagle Toy and a wooden seat.

Another ability that he has is cooking, he is great at cooking burgers, but sometimes he can't cook them well, cause of his sons that sometimes do some mess, such as dropping the burgers in grass by accdent or destroying his grill. He also loves to read a newspaper.


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