If you are looking for the respective level in Angry Birds, see Poached Eggs 1-1. For other uses, see Level 1-1.

Ground Hog Day 1-1 (aka Classic Wooden Cart) is the 1st level in Ground Hog Day of the game Bad Piggies and 1st in overall.

Ground Hog Day 1-1
BadPiggies GroundHogDayLvl1
Episode Ground Hog Day
Level Number 1
Parts x3 Wooden Frame (Debut)

x2 Wooden Wheel (Debut)

x1 Ross (Debut)

Goal 1-star: Get Ross to the finish line

2-star: Get the star box

3-star: No Krak/Snap

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N/A (First Level) Ground Hog Day 1-2

This is the debut of the Wooden Frame and the Wooden Wheel. This is the level that teaches the basic foundation of this game.


The cutscenes before this level have King PigRoss, and Mechanic Pig finding the Eggs far away by using a telescope. They suddenly notice the eggs. The Pigs open up a map to find their way to the eggs, only for it to be accidentally caught in a fan, causing the map to be broken into pieces. The Pigs must recover all of the missing pieces of the map. In the level, Ross recovers piece #1.

Three Star Strategy

Place 3 wooden crates on the top square grid, and 2 wooden wheels below it in between each other. Place Ross in the middle, and watch the vehicle roll down with him in it.

You can also place Ross wherever you want and watch him roll down and get 3 stars.

An alternative vehicle is to place a wooden frame on the top squares and add the two wheels to it (either left or right).

In the end, the vehicle you construct will be destroyed after it crashes into a TNT crate. If you didn't make a vehicle and just placed Ross anywhere, he will still roll into the TNT crate and survive, unharmed.


Walkthrough Video

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-1 Walkthrough 3 Star

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-1 Walkthrough 3 Star


  • The vehicle used here is remade and re-used throughout the episode of Ground Hog Day.
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