Ground Hog Day 1-14
BadPiggies GroundHogDayLvl14
Episode Ground Hog Day
Level Number 14
Parts Wooden Frame x3

Wooden Wheel x2 Black Soda Bottle x1 Bellows x1 Freckled Pig x1

Goal 1-star: Get the pig to the finish line

2-star: Get the starbox 3-star: No using of Bellows

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Ground Hog Day 1-14 is the 14th level of Ground Hog Day from Bad Piggies.

Three Star Strategy

Note: You do not need to acquire all the stars in one run to get Three-stars. Once you earn a star, you keep the star.

Create a backwards L-shaped vehicle, with the main body made of 3 left-side wooden frames and at the left end being the Black Soda Bottle facing the left. Put the pig at the top wooden frame and the TNT right below the pig. Then put two wheels below the lower two boxes. Don't use the bellows for the third star. To acquire the Star Box, use the bellows, then when the vehicle comes to a stop, make the TNT explode.


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Walkthrough Video

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-14 Walkthrough 3 Star

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-14 Walkthrough 3 Star

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