Ground Hog Day 1-17
BadPiggies GroundHogDayLvl17
Episode Ground Hog Day
Level Number 17
Parts x1 Freckled Pig

x3 Wooden Frame x1 Black Umbrella (Debut) x2 Wooden Wheel

Goal 1-star: Get Ross to the finish line

2-star: Get the starbox 3-star: Finish the level in nine seconds

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Ground Hog Day 1-17 (aka Umbrella Car) is the seventeenth level of Ground Hog Day and seventeenth overall.

The Black Umbrella part debuts in here.

Three Star Strategy

First, build a vehicle like you did in Ground Hog Day 1-1, but place the umbrella on the middle top. It should be open. The moment you get the starbox, make it closed. Your vehicle will eventually roll on its own and get the seventeenth piece of the map.


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Walkthrough Video

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-17 Walkthrough 3 Star

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-17 Walkthrough 3 Star


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