Ground Hog Day 1-2
BadPiggies GroundHogDayLvl2
Episode Ground Hog Day
Level Number 2
Parts Bellows x1 (Debut)

Wooden Frame x3

Wooden Wheel x2 Freckled Pig x1

Goal 1-star: Get Ross to finish line

2-star: Get star box

3-star: Complete in 4 seconds

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Ground Hog Day 1-1 Ground Hog Day 1-3

Ground Hog Day 1-2 (aka ???) is the 2nd level in Ground Hog Day of the game Bad Piggies and 2nd in overall.

This level is the debut of the Bellows.

Three Star Strategy

The same setup as the first level, however with the bellow on the right side. Use it to obtain the star on the left and the TNT will send the pig cannoning into the finish line achieving under 4 seconds.


Walkthrough Video

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-2 Walkthrough 3 Star

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-2 Walkthrough 3 Star


  • This level uses the same setup as the previous level, however with added bellows.
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