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"Uh, did we win?"
Hal, The Angry Birds Movie

Hal (previously known by fans as "Boomerang Bird") is an emerald toucanet who is the 6th member of The Flock. Hal was first introduced in Danger Above, an episode in the original Angry Birds game. He then appeared in other Angry Birds media after his first appearance but as a less represented character than the rest of The Flock.

He also plays a major role in the fourth episode of the original Angry Birds The Big Setup, where after Terence frees him in one of the levels, Hal will team up with him and be the only playable bird alongside Terence for the rest of the episode. (Though strangely he doesn't appear in the cutscenes alongside Terence.)


Main article: Hal/Angryverse

Hal is a medium green bird with a large orange beak (being the only bird from Red's flock with a beak color other than yellow besides Chuck). He has three top black feathers like Matilda and four (in some cases three) spiky tail feathers like Chuck. He has two eyes on either side of his beak with medium-sized eyebrows, and has pure white chest feathers. In later versions of Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Reloaded, he resembles his Chrome design once again, but his eyes have a yellow ring around them.

In his early animated design by Kombo Studios, he had three black thick eyebrows, large bulging eyes on one side of his head (which tend to switch places to wherever he looks at), a dark yellow beak with an orange tip, and medium green feathers. Interestingly enough, this design resembles his prototype Chrome design rather than the original design.

In the trailer for Angry Birds Coca-Cola, Hal resembles an actual emerald toucanet more by having black markings on the base of his beak. He has yellow rings around his eyes and he lacks the head feathers in this iteration. His beak is in a different shade of orange with a red patch near the nares. His feathers are now emerald green and he lacks his white stomach seen in his previous designs. This design is reused in the 2014 Angry Birds Rio update, Angry Birds Go!, and Angry Birds Comics.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Hal appears as a green anthropomorphic emerald toucanet and his design appears to be a combination between his prototype chrome design and his Kombo design. His beak reverts into plain orange and has orange stubby feet. The black feathers on his head and tail are now green, and his stomach is now pale beige. He is voiced by Anthony Padilla in the movie.

A limbless variant that closely resembles the movie design is used for his appearance in Angry Birds 2, although his head feathers are removed. His eyes are larger and slightly bulge out, and his beak is thicker and shorter. He makes more goofy expressions than before, and he does not open his beak anymore when he activates his boomerang ability.


Al Toy Care

Hal's Toy Care description.

Hal has been inconsistent in terms of his personality, with different media showing different depictions of the character.

In multiple instances, like the Angry Birds Comics series, Hal is shown as a very mature character. He is shown to have a deep love for the pleasures in life, as when he is found he is usually with his banjo or camping. He is a rather adventurous bird, and in Angry Birds Go!, he wears an adventurer's hat (which was included in promo art, game toys, and Telepods). He finds no desire to be filled with anger and usually doesn't take place in any of the bird's fights with the pigs.

However, in situations like the Summer Pignic short movie, The Angry Birds Movie, and Angry Birds 2, Hal is shown to be an extremely clumsy and goofy character. He is clearly much younger, and in place of a raspy, creaky voice he is given a squeaky, nasally one. Unlike his other, much different personality, this version of him has an extreme desire to become angry and fight the pigs, along with being an actual "angry" bird. Both of these aspects were combined in his description for The World of Angry Birds Official Guide.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Boomerang - Hal's trademark ability is to spin back like a boomerang by opening his beak in a certain shape, allowing him to attack buildings from behind. Hal also can be launched from the Slingshot much farther than the rest of the birds, to make it easier for him to fly over the structures.
  • Tornatoes - Only showcased in Angry Birds Go!, Hal has the ability to summon tornatoes onto a player, significantly weakening them.
  • Transformation - When the EggSpark crashlanded on Piggy Island, Hal was transformed into Grimlock, Trypticon and Volcanicus.


  • Musician - Hal likes to play the banjo.


  • Strength - Hal's power is not strong enough for glass/ice or stone materials. His power does not also work on thick layers of wood.
  • Accuracy - While a well-timed hit can cause significance destruction, using Hal's ability before he gains momentum can cause a weaker impact. Moreover, the player must master the angle of Hal's launch for further accuracy.
  • Water - His ability doesn't work right when used underwater and will turn into a Corpse upon contact, such as in Piglantis.




In the Summer Pignic Short Movie, Red extremely dislikes Hal at first, not trusting him enough to use the slingshot and seeing him as clumsy. They neglect him, thinking he will only be a burden. Red pushes him away after he messes up Matilda's shot. However, after Hal saves the eggs, Red is extremely grateful and accepts him as a part of the flock. Throughout the Angry Birds Comics, Red and Hal are shown to be good friends, and Hal is cheery and optimistic towards Red.

In The Angry Birds Movie 2, Red helps retrieve Hal's wallet from one of the crabs sent by Leonard, and Hal calls him a "hero". Red accepts the compliment.

The Blues[]


Hal is seen as a father-figure by to the Blues, as they choose to tag along with him than Red, who offers to follow along. Hal is willing to help them through many obstacles, like crossing a cliff, being shelter for rain, and being a boat to cross a river. It seems to be that the Blues stick to Hal more because his beak an extremely useful component of him.



It is Chuck who rescues Hal from the Bad Piggies' cage in Danger Above 6-4. While the two birds have a friendly relationship, in one comic featured in Angry Birds Magazine, Hal gently reminds Chuck not to ruin The Blues' belief in Santa Claus, as Chuck does not believe in his existence.


Hal is once again captured by the Bad Piggies in The Big Setup. After Terence rescues him in The Big Setup 11-4, he accompanies Terence in defeating the pigs to rescue the other five birds.


Angry Birds Movie Hal and Bubbles 1

In The Angry Birds Movie, Hal and Bubbles are portrayed as best friends, as their voice actors are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of Smosh fame. They are first seen attending Matilda's Infinity Acceptance Center together, and throughout the movie they are seen alongside each other, such as in the audience for the show prepared for Leonard and the pigs, and when Red instructs the birds of Bird Island to build a boat.

In the short The Angry Birds Movie - Hal and Bubbles, the two birds have a conversation on Bird Island Beach on how they don't look like "angry birds" much. After attempting to be "angry", they reconcile to stay friends instead.




Names in other languages[]

Language Name English translation
Chinese (Mandarin) 长嘴绿 (Cháng zuǐ lǜ) Long-billed green
Finnish Hemmo
Korean 할 (hal) Hal
Russian Хэл (Khel)
Ukrainian Хел (Khel)


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A toucanet which he was based off.

  • Hal and Ice Bird are currently the only birds who first appeared kidnapped by the pigs. They are also the only birds that are shown in the level before they are first played in as an unplayable character.
  • Hal will make Chuck's pain noises when being a corpse in the original games, thus making him the only bird to lack original pain noises.
  • In Angry Birds Friends, when Hal's boomerang ability is activated, he boomerangs back at a lower angle than in the main games. The same can be said in Angry Birds 2, as the boomerang power is programmed to go back to the slingshot's exact position.
  • Hal and Blu and Jewel are also the only birds to rotate when fired from the slingshot.
  • Hal has a different launch voice on Angry Birds Seasons as of the Ham'o'ween update. However, the PC and Mac version of the original Angry Birds also has the alternative voice of the bird. The mobile version of Angry Birds has the original select and launch voice (actually two of the birds' idle noises mashed together).
  • In Piglantis, Hal's ability doesn't work when he is underwater. The corpse will appear when the ability is activated.
  • In Angry Birds Chrome level 6–4, his corpse sprite disappears and is invisible, but when you unlock him, his corpse sprite will be the Angry Birds Rio sprite and also keeps Chuck's pain noises. The feathers change from yellow ones to white ones.[citation needed]
  • Hal's eyebrows disappear when he blinks with his classic design in the slingshot games.
  • In the Angry Birds Heikki promotional art on the Angry Birds Facebook page, Hal's pre-Chrome design is used, except the yellow ring on his beak is removed. It could be possible that this was his planned Chrome design but it was most likely just a creative choice.
  • Hal and Stella (the latter outside of "Meet The Flock") are the only birds to not appear in Angry Birds Toons. His would-be Toons design was used in the trailer forAngry Birds Coca-Cola, Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Rio 2, andAngry Birds Comics.
  • Hal's name is misspelt as Al in a Toy Care PDF.
  • Hal, Matilda and Stella are the only three birds without a Space counterpart in the original game. Hal and Bubbles are the only two birds without a Star Wars counterpart.
    • In January 2024, those three birds were given Space-themed skins.
Space Hal

Hal's Space design in Angry Birds Reloaded

  • A gravestone bearing his name can be seen in the 2022 Halloween event of Angry Birds Journey.[5]
  • Hal is the first green character to not be a pig.
  • In multiple scenes in The Angry Birds Movie and in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, Hal has trouble balancing or even walking straightly due to the length and weight of his beak.
    • This is possibly the reason why he rotates when flung from a slingshot.
    • However, this was not the case in Angry Birds 2.
  • Hal and Bomb are the only birds to have a Chrome and a Classic design, since Hal's body was slightly bigger, the ring around his beak was removed in the Chrome design and his eyebrows were angled in a way where he always looked angry and Bomb originally had a white spot in the Classic design.


Main article: Hal/Gallery


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