Template:Theme InfoboxHam 'Em High 12-10 is the tenth level of Ham 'Em High.


Strategy #1

This is the easiest strategy to complete if you want high scores. Throw the Boomerang Bird to the truck at the left to pop the pig in the truck. Then, loft the Black Bird to the left of the top of the tower to explode the stone blocks and pop all the pigs. If done correctly, this should give you more than 80k+ plus the remaining bird, you will get a total score of 90k+.

Strategy #2

This is the old and original strategy for this level. Loft the Boomerang bird over the level, spinning back into the TNT on the extreme right. Land the Black bird in the gap to the right of the trio of stones (The 3 round stone blocks standing on each other). If any pigs remain, bombard them with Big Brother.

Video Walkthroughs


Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Ham 'Em High 12-10


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