Template:Theme InfoboxHam 'Em High 14-8 is the eighth level of the third theme in Ham 'Em High.


Shoot the Yellow Bird to the first structure. If you're lucky, it will cause a domino chain to pop all the pigs with the help of the structures. Sometimes, this chain only pop the pigs at the first and third structures, leaving some pigs in the second one which has fallen. If the chain does not happen, only some pigs at the first and second structure will be popped. Shoot the White Bird and drop the egg bomb between the second and third structure (or drop it at the fallen second structure if the pigs at the third structure have been popped) if all the pigs have not been popped yet. Shoot the second Yellow Bird to pop the remaining pigs if the level is not cleared yet.

Video Walkthroughs


Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Ham 'Em High 14-8

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