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Hambo is the forty-fourth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on January 12, 2014.


The name, Hambo, is a portmanteau of the action film franchise, Rambo, the episode is based off, and ham, referencing the Bad Piggies the episode features.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs send a tough pig to steal the eggs. But he's more stupid than they thought...



Corporal Pig is teaching the pigs his plan on how to steal the Eggs. Corporal Pig then explains that whoever steals the Eggs would get a prize, a cake. When Hambo sees the reward, he licks his lips.

Corporal Pig then makes an obstacle course for the minion pigs to see who is the toughest pig. After the pigs are eliminated (they got crushed by the falling boulders or made a mistake), Hambo is revealed to be the last pig standing.

Corporal Pig then orders a pig to fire up the cannon and send Hambo flying towards the Eggs where he proceeded to sneaks past Red, jumps across Chuck and under Matilda by swimming. Hambo then returns with the eggs successfully. The pigs burst with joy and start a party, getting out the cake and playing party music. A medal of honor was also prepared for him. Once Hambo enters the room, Corporal Pig silences the pigs and told the trumpeter pigs to play a ceremonial music. However, the "Egg" turns out to be a rock shaped like an egg. The pigs are all shocked and disappointed. King Pig pops a bottle of champagne, and the cork lands on Corporal Pig's helmet. The celebration pigs all depart. Meanwhile, after seeing it, Hambo takes his medal of honor and eats all the cake. Soon afterwards, after deciding to just go with it, the trumpeter pigs play a disco music, and the episode ends. As the credits roll, you an hear the disco music and Hambo celebrating.



  • This is the first appearance of Hambo. His appearance looks like a Prisoner Pig in Hamshank Redemption, but the difference is he doesn't have scars on his eyebrows compared to a Prisoner Pig.
  • Their training with Corporal Pig, their location and a yellow-black sign on a rock shaped like an egg is just like in the episode Crash Test Piggies
  • This is the first episode written by David Vinicombe.
  • Hambo's second appearance is in The Truce, as seen in one of the pictures in the gallery.
  • This was #4 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.
  • At 0:16 you can hear a minion pig playing Bad Piggies on his phone.
  • It is reasonable that Hambo would bring back an egg-shaped rock, possibly because they trained him with one.


  • When the egg Hambo was carrying what was revealed to be a rock, the background behind him disappeared one frame before the shot changes. This was fixed in the DVD version. See the Gallery.
  • At 0:33 to 0:35 the disqualified pig lacks eyebrows.



Angry Birds Toons - Hambo - S1 Ep44

A special mission for one special pig.