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This article is about the character. For the episode, see Hambo.

Hambo also known as Hard Pig is a pig who appeared in Angry Birds Toons. and also a minor character in the Angry Birds series.


He is a normal pig but with bushy black eyebrows, a bit of hair and perfect teeth. On his face there's dark and light green camouflage facepaint and he wears a red headband.


He is a very adventurous and strong pig. He accepts every challenge and knows how to dodge enemies and obstacles. He is hired by the pigs often to do missions. However, on collection mission he is known to retrieve something a bit too closely to his orders; for example he retrieved an egg-like stone similar to one he trained with rather than the eggs.



In the episode, he was watching Corporal Pig tell the pigs the plan to get the eggs and accepted the challenge after he saw that he would win cake. In the training field, the pigs have to doge obstacles, Hambo is revealed to be the last pig standing.

Corporal Pig then orders a pig to fire up the cannon and send Hambo flying towards the Eggs where he proceeded to sneaks past Red, jumps across Chuck and under Matilda by swimming. Hambo then returns with the eggs successfully. The pigs burst with joy and start a party, getting out the cake and playing party music. A medal of honor was also prepared for him. Once Hambo enters the room, Corporal Pig silences the pigs and told the trumpeter pigs to play a ceremonial music. However, the "Egg" turns out to be a rock. The pigs are all shocked and disappointed, and they all depart. Meanwhile, Hambo takes his medal of honor and eats all the cake. Meanwhile, the trumpeter pigs play a disco music, and the episode ended.

Treasure Hunt

Hambo enters a library, where Chronicler Pig and King Pig show him a map of Piggy Island with an X-mark on it. Hambo accepts the challenge and with a few Minion Pigs, he sets off. At a chasm, he ties 2 Minion Pigs to his whip to make a grapple to hook on a rock. He then instructs another pig to swing across, but the rock breaks, creating a bridge. Later, he enters a cave and when snapping his whip, he accidentally sets off a trap, sending a large cabbage towards them! While running, a Minion Pig directs everyone to a hole in the wall, causing everyone to evade the cabbage. Two pigs jump out after it rolls away, but are then run over by the cabbage. After running through lava, drilling underground and sawing through the ice when ending up in a cold place, it turns out they've been running around in a refrigerator in a family's home. They then reach their destination and find the X-mark where they have to dig. They come back to King Pig's castle with the treasure: the X. King Pig is overjoyed since the X was actually the treasure, Hambo is commended a hero, but the pigs carrying the X is flattened by it.

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