Hamshank Redemption is the twenty-sixth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Prisoner Pig and Goliath Pig make their appearance here. It was aired on September 8, 2013.


The name of this episode and the plot is based off The Shawshank Redemption.

Toons.TV Description

A prisoner pig tries to escape from his cell with all kinds of crazy attempts. Will he manage to free himself without going mad?



At night, a new prisoner was thrown into his cell. The guard laughed at him, thinking he would be unable to escape. The prisoner pig chuckled as he managed to hide a file from them. Spitting it out, he decided it was time to make his escape and looked for a window. He eventually saw one but seeing it was so high up, he became dejected when the bed sightly bounced. Realizing he could make use of the bed to escape, he began his plan.

Once he attached the spring the torn bed had onto himself, he began to spring all the way up to the ceiling, just to see it was just out of reach. He tried with two springs but it was so strong his face was slammed right into the bars of the skylight, alerting the guards that he had attempted to break out via the skylight. The prisoner pig was not deterred and even blew out a raspberry at them.

To prevent another attempt via the skylight, the guards took away his bed and file. The prisoner pig looked around for another way to escape then realized he could make use of the sewers to do so. He went through a series of pipes and ended up in another cell with its escapee-wannabe, a Goliath Pig, trying to do what he did earlier: using springs to bounce up to the barred skylight. The Goliath Pig wondered why he was in his cell, scaring the Prisoner Pig back through the sewers. The Goliath Pig suddenly had a bright idea.

The Prisoner Pig continued on until he reached a toilet currently used by two guards, causing them to realized he tried escaping by the sewers. To ensure he did not try that again, they bolted the toilet such that it was not wide enough for him to navigate through the sewers. Then a meal was served to the Prisoner Pig.

The Prisoner Pig saw the spoon in his meal and decided that he would dig his way through the prison walls. He did so and tried to sneak around until he bumped into something. Lighting a match, he was shocked to see Terence was in the area, scaring him back to his cell. Sad he was going to be remain stuck in prison when his cell suddenly shook. Turned out Golitah Pig traveled through the sewers into his cell, past the bolted wedges and launched himself past the skylight but he barely gained any height before his propeller hat fell into the Prisoner Pig's cell. Realizing that Goliath Pig smashed the ceiling and that the propeller hat managed to transport Goliath Pig onto the prison's ground floor, he realized he would be able to fly away into the night.

Soon, he did that and the guards were angry that he managed to escape. Goliath Pig was also proud of him as he managed to escape as well. The prisoner pig blew raspberries at the guards, showing that they could not keep him in prison forever.



  • At 1:40, the meal can be seen, but at 1:53, it disappears.


  • This is the second non-announced episode on the FOX8 website. The first being The Bird That Cried Pig.
  • This is the third appearance of Terence.
  • This is the third episode the whole episode itself takes place at night. First was Pig Talent and second was Thunder Chuck.
  • The scene in the cave is similar to another meeting with Terence in the episode Run Chuck Run, with his match lit, only in this episode, the pig runs the other way.
  • When the Prisoner Pig ends up in the Propeller Pig's cell, you can see a signed picture of a female pig; if you look closely, it reads "Marilyn Pigroe". This is a reference to Marilyn Monroe.


Angry Birds Toons Hamshank Redemption - S1 Ep26

Angry Birds Toons Hamshank Redemption - S1 Ep26

It's the great escape that never happens...

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