Handsome Pig



Abilities None
First Appearance Angry Birds Stella (in Giant Golden Flower level)

Angry Birds Stella (Animated Series) in the episode Bad Princess.

Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Golden Island
Strength Low
Size Medium

   Handsome Pig is a blond/blonde pig that appears in Angry Birds Stella.


Handsome Pig wears a blond wig that can be shown when he jumps upwards. He is a simple minion pig except for his thicker eyebrows.


Personal Data

  • Name: Handsome Pig
  • Known Aliases: None
  • Group Affliation: Bad Piggies
  • Best Friends: Gale (Love interest)
  • Possible Family: Minion Pigs
  • Voiced By: Antti LJ Pääkkönen


Unlike other Stella Pigs, Handsome Pig does not have any abilities. His description only reads:


Oinks, but with style.


Main Article: Angry Birds Stella

Handsome Pig's first and currently only appearance is in Angry Birds Stella.

Handsome Pig plays the role as Gale's right-hand, as he is always next to her and is there when she needs him to be. He is the most valued pig and appears in every boss battle as the main villain.



While this may be the result of Gale's golden crown, Handsome Pig has romantic feelings for Gale and is always stepping up to do things for her. He is willing to do anything for her, such as saving her from dangerous plants in Piggy Love. As proven in Friends Whenever, his willingness to do things for Gale is not because of her crown. While the other piggies ignore her because of her missing crown, Handsome Pig first single-handedly transports her to the Big Tree, then searches for and returns her crown. He did likely because of his romantic feelings for Gale.







A pig wearing a blonde wig (possibly him) is in the crowd.

  • Handsome Pig  possibly appeared in the Angry Birds Toons episode Party Ahoy, where he can be seen at the Golden-Island resembling area. A blonde wig can be seen at the dance the pigs are enjoying. (Picture to the left)