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Angry Birds Epic Part-49 Gameplay Chronicle Cave 12 Happy Spot 8-10 (Boss Battle iOS, Android)

Happy Spot - 10 is the hundred and twentieth level in the Chronicle Caves. When the player wins, they may spin for a treasure. The Undead Bone Hunter is fought here.

Cave Effects

Breath of Fire - Deals N damage to a random side every two turns.


The Undead Bone Hunter is defeated and the cave to Uncharted Plains is unlocked.


Undead Bone Hunter

Om Nom Nom - Charge: 2 turns. Deals N damage. Heals for 200% of damage dealt.

Undead - Passive: Revives 3 turns after being knocked out.

Ship's Kobold

Scare - Deals N damage. 5% chance to stun for a turn.

Undead - Passive: Revives 2 turns after being knocked out.

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