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The Hatchlings are newborn young birds that resides on the ever expanding Bird Island. All of the hatchlings varies by color, gender, and by who's their parents.


All Hatchlings are very short in nature, each with two-toed feet and tiny hands on each side of them. They also have huge eyes and a small beak, each depending on the design of said hatchling


All the personalities of the Hatchlings vary, but have this in common; they are mischievous but cute little Angry Birds.

Media Appearances

Angry Birds Toons

When Red, Matilda and Chuck thought they heard sounds from the Eggs, they each imagined what the baby birds would look like. (Egg Sounds)

Angry Birds IDW Comics

The Hatchlings first appeared as a cameo heading down a path somewhere on Piggy Island. (Angry Birds Comics Issue 4, Peak Beak)

The Angry Birds Movie

The Hatchlings appear as secondary characters in The Angry Birds Movie. Red saved the unhatched Hatchlings from the pigs.

Angry Birds Blues

The Hatchlings appear as main characters in Angry Birds Blues.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Hatchlings appear as secondary characters in The Angry Birds Movie 2. Zoe, Vincent and Samantha had their own storyline in this movie.

Angry Birds BirLd Cup

The Hatchlings serves as part of the audience of when the BirLd Cup took place

Angry Birds MakerSpace

They appear as secondary characters in the show.

Game Appearances

Angry Birds

They appear in the The Mighty League at the Feather League.

Angry Birds Stella (Luca)

Luca appears as a Hatchling in this game.

Angry Birds POP!

(Playable for a limited time and replaced Free The Critters for a time, but then converted to Free The Critters)

Angry Birds POP Blast

They are level goals in several levels that requires the player to free them.

Angry Birds Action!

They appear as level icons sometimes.

Angry Birds Blast!

In the game, some levels contain them. Finishing them often completes a quest that can grant Gold rewards. Be sure to check your quest menu (it’s the pencil and paper below the mail icon) and click “collect” to get your benefits. [1]

Angry Birds Dice

While it’s unknown if that other Hatchlings appear in the game or not due to the servers closing, Timothy was shown to be on one of the card's foil packaging when you unlock the uncommon cards.

Angry Birds Evolution

Fringy, Harbinger Of Doom appears as a hatchling in this game.

Angry Birds Match

They appear as the main characters in the game which the player must unlock.

Angry Birds Islands

Betty appears this game as a secondary character.

Angry Birds Friends!

They appeared in 2 tournaments. Party with the Hatchlings Tournament and AB Journey Tournament.

(Party with the Hatchlings Tournament)

They are mentioned in the name but they have minor roles in the tournament.

(AB Journey Tournament)

They act the same as in Angry Birds Journey which they need to be freed ether in bubbles or in cages.

Angry Birds Island

They appear on the “WOW!”, “Blasty!”, “10 moves left!” and “5 moves left!” notes and a hatchling appears on the app icon happy with Red.

Angry Birds Explore

They appear in the Worm Farm which is a place you can grow worms to feed hungry hatchlings.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

In Angry Birds Dream Blast, Hatchlings are one of the various level goals you can see on the level. They appear in bushes and you have to use neighboring matches to collect them.

Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2, an egg might be next to the Slingshot, if you click on it you can name the hatchling and it will hatch in 1 day! You can pay gems to hatch it right away. Once it hatches, your Bird Power will increase. In the game, there might be some apples, used to feed the Hatchling. If you feed it 5 apples, you get 500 Rainbow Feathers. If you feed it enough times, you can level it up and your Bird Power will increase more and it will change colors as you level it up. You also need to feed it more apples as it levels up. It does not level up by itself, you can choose which level you like it, and keep feeding it! If you do not feed it enough, the hatchling will leave and your Bird Power will decrease. You get a new egg if you want to start over and do the same thing!

Angry Birds Journey

A hatchling in a cage
A hatchling in a balloon
A hatchling in ice

They appear in the chapter icons and they are level goals which they need to be freed ether in balloons, ice, or in cages in-game. They act similarly to the Caged Birds from Angry Birds Rio.

Known Hatchlings:

Complete list (From Angry Birds Match)

Main article: Hatchlings/Match Hatchlings

Jay in Angry Birds Match

Jake in Angry Birds Match


  • The Hatchling's designs in Peak Beak are just smaller versions of the main Angry Birds characters.
  • Dylan (Eva and Edward's son, and Timothy 's brother) calls Red daddy due to Red accidentally cracking his egg and Red was the first face the hatchling ever saw.
  • The light yellow hatchling (Samantha) interacts with Red in the crossing scene and blows a raspberry at him. She also appears (as one of the main characters along with the Worm) in the bonus short The Early Hatchling Gets the Worm. Samantha also appeared in every created hatchling video.
  • Timothy (the dark green hatchling) and Petunia (the pink hatchling) were the first hatchlings to have known names.
  • The Hatchlings sang a song dedicated to Red for saving their lives, called The Mighty Red Song.
  • Will (The purple hatchling in Angry Birds Blues) is the first hatchling to have his name revealed in the series.
  • These birds also appeared in the games, with an example being the Striped Bird.
  • Plush toys are available of Vincent, Petunia, and Jay of The Blues.

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