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Haunted Hogs is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Seasons, is the third Halloween-themed episode, and the fifth episode of the Season 2012 package. It was released on October 23, 2012, for iOS and PC. It marks the second birthday/anniversary of the Angry Birds Seasons app. It was first revealed on the Game Center leaderboards and was reported by Angry Birds Nest on October 18, 2012. The music resembles The Addams Family Theme song.

This is the third Halloween based episode in Seasons in three consecutive years and is also first in the series overall to have entirely new Pig variants, Scarecrow Pigs and Frankenstein Pigs.

The jack-o'-lanterns (3000 points each) from Trick or Treat and the Exploding black Jack-o'-lanterns from Ham'o'ween return in this episode. This is the first Halloween episode not to feature the Ghost Pig. However, when the V 3.2.0 update was released, the ghost pig can be seen standing still like the other pigs instead of flying (Like in Ham 'O' Ween or Trick or Treat) in Haunted Hogs's new Mighty Eagle Bonus Level, which is one of the 4 new Bonus levels for Haunted Hogs (also in Winter Wonderham) that can be unlocked by collecting 10 Feathers.

The backgrounds of some of the levels have Ecce Homo (the ruined Jesus fresco) on the walls. Sometimes, this picture can also be seen on the Haunted Hogs Title Screen. The Scream is spoofed by having a pig with a body. Chronicler Pig makes a cameo in a painting. Level 1 is his first appearance.

This episode introduces a Ghost Bricks.

Unlike other episodes, objects don't fly by in the background for the title screen. Also, a beaten-up Scarecrow Pig appears when you fail a level in Haunted Hogs, unlike previous episodes that have a normal pig when failing a level. This happens again in Winter Wonderham, which shows a normal pig eating a candy cane when failing a level. It also happens in Abra-Ca-Bacon which shows Foreman Pig wearing a top hat, a red bow tie, and a wand.

It is also one of the two episodes to include four new levels upon the release of Power-ups in Angry Birds Seasons, the other being Winter Wonderham. There are 3 levels that can be unlocked by collecting a certain number of stars, plus 1 level for collecting 10 feathers by using the Mighty Eagle. Interestingly, this feature can also be used in Angry Birds Rio, which was the first Angry Birds Game that this feature came to be.

With this update, Seasons has more levels than in Angry Birds Classic. (If one doesn't count the King Pig levels)


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  It was Red 's worst nightmare. As Ham'o'ween came around again, King Pig swept in and spirited the eggs away to a haunted house in a spooky otherworldly realm. Could the Flock get them back before they fell foul of things that go oink in the night?

New Features

  • Ghost Blocks that allow birds to go inside them. They can hardly be destroyed.
  • New Scarecrow variations of the pigs.
  • New Costumes and Items.


  • Before the episode colors were removed in an update, the representative color they used in Haunted Hogs is purple.
  • Haunted Hogs could be using a reference to the term "Haunted House" since the level takes place in a haunted house.
  • This is the third AB episode to have the background inside, the first and second being Smuggler's Den & Smuggler's Plane from AB Rio.
  • On the loading screen, the number 13 is printed on the door, which is the "unlucky" number.
    • Also, on the loading screen, parts of the Background and its environment like the trees with no leaves, from the First Angry Birds Seasons episode that started it all, Trick or Treat (formerly known as Angry Birds Halloween), can be seen. In addition, there is a pig dressed as Chuck, with Yellow Paint and crudely made feathers, eyes and a beak, but this pig does not appear in-game, similar to the Octopus Pig seen in the loading screen for Piglantis.
  • Both Haunted Hogs and the Angry Birds Friends Halloween Tournament 2012 have the same theme song.
  • It is weird that there is no Scarecrow King Pig even though there are Scarecrow Minion PigsCorporal Pigs, and Foreman Pigs.
  • Haunted Hogs is the first episode to have Red and Chuck with narrowed eyes, the second being Abra-Ca-Bacon and third, being South Hamerica.
  • The Bat that is unlocked after getting 3 stars is available as a personalization sticker on The Mighty League from Angry Birds Classic.
  • An error in the update sometimes causes the pictures on the wall's eye(s) to remain shut and stop blinking.
  • This is the first time that haunted parody paintings appear, the second is Angry Birds Friends!'s Rise Of The Werepigs Tournament.
  • Twelve bell chimes can be heard in the ambient sounds, indicating that it's midnight in the levels. 
  • The painting of a skinny pig with arms is a reference to the painting '' The Scream '' by Edvard Munch
  • the painting of a pig with body, tunic and hair is a reference to the restoration of the painting of Ecce homo by Elías García Martínez made by Cecilia Gimenez
  • In the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U versions of Trilogy, this episode reuses the ambience from Trick or Treat. In the Wii and Vita versions, it uses the regular ambience.

Trick or Tweet Short

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