Haunted Hogs
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Release Date: October 23rd, 2012
Levels: 30
Episode No.: 14
Previous Episode: Back to School
Next Episode: Unknown
Game(s): Angry Birds Seasons
For the similar episode featured in Seasons 2011, see Trick or Treat.
For the similar episode featured in Seasons 2012, see Ham'o'ween.

Haunted Hogs is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Seasons, the third episode celebrating Halloween, and the first episode of the Seasons 3 package. It was released in October 23rd, 2012 for iOS and PC. It marks the second birthday/anniversery of the Seasons app. It was first revealed on the Game Center leaderboards and was recently reported by Angry Birds Nest on October 18, 2012.


  • This is the third Halloween based episode in Seasons in three consecutive years, and is also first in the series overall to have entirely new Pig variants, Scarecrow Pigs and Frankenstein Pigs, the Scarecrows Pigs are not hats and can be removed without killing the pig itself,but the Frankenstein Pigs it just a costume
  • With this update, Seasons has more levels than in Angry Birds Classic. (If one doesn't count the King Pig levels)
  • This episode introduces a ghostly material.
  • The begining music resembles The Adams Family Theme song.



The episode on the Episode Selection menu.

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