Haunted Hogs Golden Egg Level 1 is the first Golden Egg acquired in Haunted Hogs in Angry Birds Seasons.

How to Obtain

Go to Haunted Hogs 1-9. There should be a pink doughnut at the right of the structure. Use the Red Bird so that it hits the small piece of Wood protruding from the left side with the Small Pig on top. If done correctly, the structure should be "catapulted" from it position towards the left, destroying the doughnut. Another doughnut should appear after the destruction of the first one under the entire structure. Fire the Orange Bird under the structure near the 2nd doughnut, and activate its inflating ability to crush it, revealing a third doughnut on the top right corner of the screen which was previously inaccessible. Use the Yellow Bird to hit the final doughnut. Lastly, a Golden Egg should appear under the Slingshot. Use the last Red Bird to obtain it.

How to Complete

Shoot the Red Bird at the chains holding a large pile of Pumpkins. Upon release, the pumpkins should roll down an act as an avalanche to the Scarecrow Mustache Pig in front of it. The TNT behind it should be destroyed. Afterwards, the game automatically launches the rest of the small pigs, killing them.

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