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Mechanic Pig
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  • [Camera shows a forest landscape, Red is speaking off-sceen]
  • Red: Here. I'm still here. The wrong side of the screen.
  • [Landscape fades to Red]
  • [A video of Angry Birds 2 gameplay, then segments of The Final Showdown are displayed as Red is speaking]
  • Red: I thought we'd be home by now, firing ourselves at piggies, like the good old days, but something went wrong, I guess.
  • [Fade to Red]
  • Red: Where am I? I guess it doesn't matter. I'm still here.
  • [Camera zooms out from Red]
  • Red: And now, I'm alone.
  • Matilda: No, you're not.
  • Red: Oh, boy.
  • Opening title sequence.
  • [Cut to Bomb, he's on the same street of On The Other Side]
  • Bomb: Huh. I did not see this coming. Now, if I remember correctly, Red should be right over... There.
  • [Cut to the street with the trash bag, then back to Bomb]
  • Bomb: Right on time.
  • [Back to the other street, it wasn't Red, but rather Stella. she's "walking" in, confused]
  • [Cut to Bomb]
  • Bomb: Hold on. What? Stella?
  • [Cut to Stella]
  • Stella: Where are we? What happened?
  • [Cut to Bomb]
  • Bomb: I have no idea. Stay there. I'll show you around.
  • [Fade to black, then to Red, back in the forest]
  • Red: Is that who I think it is?
  • [Cut to a tree, a branch moves out "revealing" Matilda]
  • Matilda: Well, that depends. Who do you think it is?
  • [Cut to Red]
  • Red: Yeah, you. I-I thought it was you. (sighs, then speaks on a lower volume) Great.
  • [Cut to Matilda, she falls off of the tree, landing in front of Red]
  • Matilda: So what's up? Hi!
  • [Cut to Red, then to Matilda, then back to Red]
  • Red: Yeah, hi. (lower volume) Jeez. (Back to normal volume) What a mess.
  • [Cut to the forest, in Red's POV, "looking around", first turning to the right, but when he turns left, Matilda got even closer to him, startling him, cut to Red then back to Matilda.]
  • Red: Where the heck are Chuck and Bomb? Ah!
  • Matilda: Well, they're not here, that's for sure.
  • [Cut to a "jungle" landscape, Chuck was on the ground, face down, some pigs could be heard off-screen]