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Looking for the Piggy Tales: Third Act episode? Well see this: Hiccups

Hiccups is the forty-second episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

The Blues have the hiccups. The other birds try to make it stop, but it just gets worse...


In the late evening, Red is cooking several bowls of a reddish stew (similar to the stew in the title card of Cordon Bleugh!, meaning that Red may be a better cook than Matilda) to bring them to the other birds for dinner. While he finally passes the last three bowls to The Blues, they eat it at a ridiculously fast speed and end up making a mess of their bowl, faces, and the table. After one of them hiccups, another one hiccups, simultaneously bouncing upward. The rest do the same, while the other birds dote them.

Later, at night-time, The Blues, who are in a small bed made with wood and hay, hiccup during the night, but are not disturbed by it at all, but this keeps the other birds, who are sleeping in a tree, awake. The next morning, the Blues hop out of bed as they have a big day. They are extremely energetic as usual, however, the other birds barely manage to get out of bed. When this happens, one of The Blues makes fun of the others by mimicking one of the birds by pretending to be extremely drowsy and fall asleep on the ground, finally followed by laughter and hiccups. This attracts the other birds' attention and causes them to be aggravated.

When the Blues begin playing by the slingshot, Bomb, Chuck, and Red spy on them hiccuping and bouncing around. They all think of a way to stop the Blues from hiccuping when Chuck thinks they should 'Scare' the hiccups out of them. The other birds approve of this idea, at which point Chuck immediately changes into a ninja disguise holding a nunchuck. Then he bounces out of the bush doing various ninja stunts in order to scare them, but they just blink, laugh, and hiccup. Red suddenly pounces out of the bush with a monster costume, composed of dirt, leaves, and twigs. But this fails as Chuck mistakes him for a real monster and attacks him. Once both costumes are partially torn apart, Red scolds Chuck while he realizes what he has done.

Finally, Bomb thinks of a way to scare them, and considers exploding next to them. While the Blues head towards Matilda, pampering the eggs, Bomb follows close behind and hides in another bush. Finally, he jumps out with his fuse lit. Matilda goes over to shield the eggs, and Bomb explodes. While he leaves a crater and the Blues seem to stop hiccuping, he gives a boastful 'Yeah-yuh!' But the Blues hiccup again and he groans. With the crater made, mud is spread all over Matilda and the Blues, and Matilda realizes she has the opportunity to clean them and produces a bar of soap and a brush, partially covered in suds. This makes the Blues scream, and run to their bed and hide.

When the rest of the birds look at the Blues, Matilda reveals them by pulling the covers, still with a look of terror on their faces. After Red and Matilda (Matilda brings out an ear trumpet) listen for any hiccups, they are all satisfied, and Chuck laughs. However, a hiccuping noise is heard, at which point the birds turn hostile on the Blues, growling. The Blues come from happy to sad in an instant, with dilated pupils, one of them shakes their head, telling them they didn't do it. Much to their surprise, the hiccups are not from The Blues, it's from the Eggs.

As the credits roll, the Eggs continue having hiccup sounds.




  • This is the 18th appearance of Red, the 14th appearance of Chuck, the 17th appearance of The Blues, the 12th appearance of Matilda and the 8th appearance of Bomb.
  • This is the first time The Blues and the Eggs have hiccups.
  • In this episode, there is a scene that is a reference to Angry Birds Go! when the birds are sleeping on a sturdy tree during that night.
  • This is the second time the Eggs produce sounds. The first time was in Egg Sounds when one of them tweets at the end of the episode.
  • This is the second time the Blues play in the mud. The first time was in Double Take.
  • This is the fourth time that all the first five flock members have an appearance together. The first is Off Duty, the second is Run Chuck Run, the third is The Bird That Cried Pig and the fifth is Sink or Swim.
  • This is the fifth time Bomb explodes on land or in mid-air. The first time was in The Bird That Cried Pig, the second time was in Tooth Royal, third time was in Clash of Corns, and the fourth time was in El Porkador!
  • There are similarities and differences in this episode and in Cordon Bleugh!
    • There's a cauldron, soup bowl, and desk table in the two episodes, but differ in color.
    • In Cordon Bleugh!, Matilda is cooking a bowl of soup and serving it to some birds, but in this episode, It's Red's time to cook soup and serve it to some birds, including Matilda.
  • This is the first time Valerie Chappellet wrote an episode.
  • Red's monster costume looks similar to chuck pretending to be a monster in Egg Sounds.
  • The part where the Blues run away screaming when Matilda picks up soap and a brush might show that they have ablutophobia, a fear of bathing or cleanliness.
    • This is the second episode to introduce a bird's fear, the first was Thunder Chuck, when Chuck was seen with astraphobia, a great fear of thunder.


  • When the birds are yawning, Chuck's crest splits. 
  • There is an error on one of the Blues' eyes when they play in the mud.
  • When Bomb goes to The Blues to explode, Red and Chuck disappear.


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