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Hiccups (Piggy Tales: Third Act)
Episode number 16
Air Date September 30, 2016
Written by Arnaud Janvier and Francois Dufour
Directed by Arnaud Janvier and Francois Dufour
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Hiccups is the sixteenth episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act. In this episode, a pig tries to imitate a scene from the play ''Hamlet'' but fails to as he has hiccups.

Toons.TV Description

Hamlet suffers from a bad case of the hiccups.


The episode starts with a pig imitating the famous Shakespeare Plays Hamlet but,he has a hiccup crisis and tries to not do hiccup but he hiccups.

Now,he tries to make the show but,again,he almost hiccups and a pig suggests to he drink soda and he drinks it,but he drops it by hicupping.The other pig has an idea,he honks into the Hamlet pig's ear and he gets scared with the sound of the airhorn.The pigs now get upiside down to try to make the Hamlet pig not hiccup,but the other pig falls.The pig now starts tickling the Hamlet pig but it fails and he has another idea,he puts corks into the Hamlet Pig's snout but again,fail!Now the pig has another idea,he gives the other pig (Hamlet pig) a TNT and it explodes but now,the pig ends up not hicupping but the pig skull hicupps.


  • This is the second time a skull was seen in Piggy Tales. The first was in Dr. Pork, M.D.
  • The skull that was used in this episode is the same one used in Bad Piggies.
  • The minion pig in this episode tries to imitate a scene from the famous Shakespeare play Hamlet.
  • This episode shows the piggy theater being used properly [as a theater].
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