Hidden loot crates cutscene 1 and 2

Cutscene 1 and 2

Hidden loot crates cutscene 3

Cutscene 3

Hidden loot crates cutscene 4

Cutscene 4

Hidden loot crates cutscene 5

Cutscene 5


The Wood, (3 items) Silver/Metal, (4 items) and Gold (8 items) loot crates

The Hidden Loot Crates are objects in Bad Piggies, being released in the Custom Contraptions update. Three crates of random types can be found daily. There are 7 types of them, listed in a section below. They are also known as Boxes. One must find one via looking at levels, watching a video, buying one in the shop, or winning them in the Cake Race. They can feature alternate items (see Custom Parts), cakes, nuts, power-ups or disguises for Ross and King Pig. You can get a 1-star, a 2-star or a 3-star object, as well as an alien one, A wood crate can be purchased for 160 Snout Coins, and the silver and gold crates can be purchased by real money. The loot crates have to be tapped 3 times to open them. Loot Crates reward a certain amount of XP when earned.

Crate types

  • Cardboard (2 items)
  • Glass (3 items)
  • Copper or Bronze (4 items)
  • Marble (5 items)
  • Wood (3 items)
  • Silver or Metal (4 items)
  • Gold (8 items)

Instructional video

Bad Piggies - Unlock Golden Create (Hidden Loot Crates)

Bad Piggies - Unlock Golden Create (Hidden Loot Crates)


  • A free silver loot crate can be found in the credits, Similar to Angry Birds, Where you can find a Golden Egg in the credits. More information about this golden egg can be found in the page Golden Egg Level 5. However, this loot crate will reward no XP.
  • If you get an item you already have, then it will be replaced by a number of nuts.
  • The Hidden Loot Crates can also be attracted by the ''Magnet'' power-up.
  • The first time before you purchase a wooden crate with coins, You can get a free crate.
  • Purchasing Field of Dreams will give you a free Gold Loot Crate.
  • The amazon underground version Does not have any videos.

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