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|episode = 10
|episode = 10
|levels = 26
|levels = 26
|new = water
|new = Water and caged Amazon River Dolphins.
|released = February 20, 2014
|released = February 20, 2014
|game = {{GamesIcon|Angry Birds Rio}}
|game = {{GamesIcon|Angry Birds Rio}}

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High Dive
Episode number 10
Levels 26
New features Water and caged Amazon River Dolphins.
Released February 20, 2014
Game(s) Abr icon
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Rocket Rumble Blossom River

High Dive is a new released episode on February 20th, 2014 for Angry Birds Rio, being the tenth sequential episode. It comes with new water features similar to those in Piglantis, Arctic Eggspedition and Pig Dipper. It has 20 levels currently. The episode features caged birds that must be freed. However, a new feature includes caged Amozon River dolphins. These dolphins can be found trapped in cages underwater that are attached to platforms. However, they can be freed as easily as caged birds. Another feature includes barrels floating on water that will explode when collided with, behaving similar to TNT Crates. Golden Treasure Chests appear as collectibles that behave similar to the Golden Fruits.


  • Instead of game sprites, it now introduces the Toons sprites, which replaces birds the Angry Birds Google Chrome and Angry Birds original sprites. This has also occurred on Market Mayhem with the High Dive update. However, the original game sprites are still used in the episodes for the first film.
  • The Level Failed screen that appears will be different depending on which animal has not been freed. If a caged bird has not been freed, a caged bird will show up on the Level Failed screen. If a caged Amazon River dolphin has not been freed, a caged dolphin will show up on the Level Failed screen.
  • The sound Matilda makes when she drops an egg bomb switches with the sound the Blues make when they split, similar to Friends.
    • Along with that, Hal's launch sound has changed to how it sounds in Seasons.
    • The theme music for the game is also changed along with the app icon and menu background.
  • Nigel is found in the final level of this episode. However, the cockatoo will serve no purpose for the Birds.




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