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Revealed in November 2011, Hockey Bird was designed by Toni Kysenius at Rovio Entertainment to be the official mascot for the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships.

"For Rovio Entertainment, being a part of the hockey world championships is something new, and Hockey Bird is the right person to join the party. He’s the first Angry Bird who gets to break free from the Angry Birds game environment. His job is to bring bird energy to a big sports carnival and basically, be everywhere," says Toni Kysenius at Rovio.

Hockey Bird is only playable in Angry Birds Friends.

On January 24, 2014, Rovio released a YouTube video announcing Hockey Bird's partnership with the NHL. According to the video, Hockey Bird was once part of the flock, but then left to follow his dream and become a professional hockey player. You can watch it here.

His position is a left defenseman. He is 185 cm tall and weighs 108 kg. He likes fish sticks, waffles, and strawberry jam.

He has his own song: "Hockey Bird (In The Zone)".


In Angry Birds Friends, he could be found on the levels of the NHL All-Star Tournament, which he replaced Chuck, having the same momentum, speed, and strength as him, along with the same sound. A Screen with him can also be found on the levels, which is indestructible and destroys anything on contact. He was the first bird to replace Chuck, the second being Shakira.


  • His design is trademarked by Rovio under the Canadian Government, which is listed to be used as advertising for hundreds of items, such as paint brushes, whisky, cigarettes, soaps and more![1]
  • On third party selling sites such as eBay, Hockey Bird plush toys tend to go for upwards of $165.00-$250.00 for the keychain plush to $300.00 for the 7-inch version to $5,000 for the 32 inch versions.[2][3][4][5]
  • According to the current CEO of Rovio Alexandre Normand, Hockey Bird is a "Taboo Topic" at Rovio.[6]




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