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Hocus Porcus is the twentieth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the ninety-eighth overall. It premiered on April 1, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

This piggy magician can make cakes vanish into thin air! Who would do such a thing?!


In King Pig 's castle, a Magic Pig was doing magic on a stage. He brings out a cupcake out of his magic hat, king pig was happy, but a minion pig just get the cupcake and eat it (however, king pig was still watching).

While the next magic, the minion pig brings out a cake and uses a magic box to do magic on it - the Magic Pig  makes the cake disappear away. King Pig got frightened. The minion pig was ready to do magic, but he forgot the magic tricks, so he brings out a magic trick book. King Pig gets into the magic box, the other minion pigs are frightened. The minion pig disappeared king pig, the other pig tells the minion pig on the stage what happened, the minion pig saw inside the box, king pig was gone. The Magic Pig tried to bring King Pig back, but he brings the cake back. All the minion pigs were frightened.

2 Agent Pigs are connected with a rope with the other pigs. The Magic Pig does a disappearing magic, however, the rope becomes tight, and gets all the minion pig that is connected to the rope into the box. The minion pig tried to stop it, but it keeps going and going, even Goliath Pig gets inside it. The magic pig tried to stop it by himself, but he was not strong enough. All the pig (except the Magic Pig) disappeared.

King pig was back with a grumpy face and full of sticks and leaves,he sees the cake and his crown and becomes happy, he eats the cake and wear his crown. The magic pig had so much enough, he entered the box and disapeared.

In the credits, you can hear that King Pig was surprised and laughing.



  • This is the 25th episode to do not have the appearance of the Birds.
  • This is the first and so far only episode to air on April Fools' Day.


  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • In the title card, the writer is misspelled as "Jeff Hands."