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Hog Roast is the twenty-fourth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

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One thing's sure in Pig City, when you call the emergency services, the emergency is about to get a lot worse...


A pig with a chef hat is cooking shish kebabs when the kebabs catch on fire. A fire alarm goes off in the fire station and Foreman Pig and Minion Pigs get ready to put out the fire. They ride out to the pig's backyard, but the truck hits the grill, which bumps into a birdhouse, catching the birdhouse on fire.

They pull out the hose, but after a while, it stops squirting. The pigs discover that Foreman Pig is sitting on the hose. A blast of water from the hose hits the birdhouse which shoots into another pig's house while that pig is taking a shower, causing the house to catch on fire as well. The shower pig screams and calls for help. Three pigs jump onto the ladder, but the truck flips over and they fly into the house.

The three pigs get up and sees that one of the pigs' helmet is on fire. The pigs scream and run upstairs, while the other pig goes after them, not noticing his hat on fire, and unknowingly propagating more fire in the house.The first two go to the shower pig, but the third runs in and trips on a bar of soap. The pig flies out of the window and lands on the ground. The other piggies jump onto a trampoline and land in three different spots, causing the whole of Pig City to catch on fire. The remaining pigs sit around a small patch of fire while the pig with a chef hat suggests he cooks his kebabs. After they cook for a while, it starts to rain. The Shower Pig eats it, and they all enjoy it with a burnt Pig City in the background.

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  • This is the twelfth episode to have the title changed. The original title of this episode was Fire! Fire!.
  • This was supposed to be the 21st episode of Angry Birds Toons after Run Chuck Run.
  • Before the episode premiered on Angry Birds Apps, it premiered on TV.
  • On the title card, the minion pig with a chef hat is bigger than the stool, but in the episode, he was smaller than the stool.
  • The font style on the title card comes from Sneezy Does It.
  • When the Firefighters are getting ready the colours are all black and white and the music which might be a reference to the Tom & Jerry shorts and old comedy movies and in 1900's style.
  • When the pig making kebabs burnt his grill, he was burnt too, but at the end of the episode, only his chef hat was burnt.
  • The some pig voices were different from the regular one. The one handling the hose had a deep voice and the second one to jump out the window had a different voice.
  • It is unknown if anything happened to King Pig or the other pigs during the fire, although it is possible that they escaped before it spread.
  • This episode is the 1st one to show firefighters in Rovio shorts. The 2nd one would be Pork Brigade.


  • After the incident when the city got burned, Chef Pig had four kebabs. When they are placed on the grill, they became nine. And when they took out the kebabs to eat, they left two kebabs even all are taken.
  • When shower pig jumped herself with his firemen pigs on the safety trampoline, she left her pet fish in the house, but when they are met together in one place, after the incident that the city got burnt, she had her pet fish beside her.
  • When the Minion Pigs rode in the firetruck, there were four. But when the Shower Pig needs help, they became six as the number of the old medieval times was, but it's possible that some pigs were in a location that we can't see.


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Save the house, save the city.

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