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Hogs and Kisses is the third Valentine's Day themed episode of Angry Birds Seasons. It was released on February 7, 2011. It contains eighteen levels, all set in a large plains filled with cherry blossom trees, raining down hearts. It introduces Cloud blocks, which act similarly to Snow blocks from Season's Greedings, as well as Pigs that wear bows. However, like with every accessory introduced in earlier additions, they can be knocked clean off: therefore, these bow-wearing pigs are not a new, separate species. There are new objects, which are chocolate hearts.

Unlike the previous episode, all 15 levels must be conquered in the order they are presented.

There are two Golden Eggs in Hogs and Kisses, one which is collected on Theme V-7, and the other by getting all 54 stars.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Matilda is such an old romantic. Her heart leapt when she saw that someone had left her a box of chocolates beside the nest. She ripped open the ribbon with her beak and tucked in. Ugh! It wasn't chocolate — it was mud! Spluttering, she turned back to the nest to find that the pigs had once again made off with the eggs!

When you finish Hogs and Kisses, you find a picture showing Red and the Female Red Bird standing next to each other with their eggs. There's a Cupid Pig hanging on a balloon dropping his bow and arrow.

New Features

  • This levels inroduces cloud blocks that can be destroyed by hitting them once just like snow. They can float in air as well and protect pigs.
  • This season introduces the cupid pigs that hover on air and carry a bow in their hands but never attack by it. Even their wings are destroyed it will still fly in air which looks strange. Some pigs wear girl like clothes.
  • This season have a new thing called hearts which when touched produces many small hearts that damage only pigs.
  • Valentine's Day objects.



  • Before the episode colors were removed in a update, the representative color they used in Hogs and Kisses is pink.
  • Hogs and Kisses has the second shortest amount of levels of any of the chapters offered in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, with only 18 levels (not including golden eggs). This is the same amount of levels as Go Green, Get Lucky, and, if golden eggs aren't included, Easter Eggs.

    Some balloons holding parts of the structure

  • Hogs and Kisses is a reference to the letter closing, "Hugs and Kisses".
  • There is one golden egg in Level 1-7. Under the slingshot. You have to use the Yellow Bird to destroy the first two white rocks and after that use the white bird to get the egg.
  • When you destroy the wings of a Cupid Pig, he will still fly.
  • The Cupid Pig in the credits represents Eros, the god of love.
  • The Cupid Pig is also the three star item that flies around the main menu of the game.
    Thing 3.png
  • In Level 1-2, the Moustache pig who's flying on a balloon, and the balloon pops, oddly, the pig is still flying.
  • In the PC version, the Theme for Hogs and Kisses has been altered, making it and Moon Festival the first two Episodes to have two different theme songs, with the third being Year of the Dragon, and the fourth being Piglantis.
  • If you look closely in theme 1-15, you can see a girl egg  above the chocolate box which is above the Foreman Pig.
  • Interestingly, this episode is absent in the Chinese version of the game. This also applies to Summer Pignic and Piglantis (not including episodes from after 4.2.0, which is the version that the Chinese version uses).

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