Holiday Heist
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Episode number 0 (Special)

15 (YouTube)

Air Date December 16, 2017
Written by Duncan Rochfort
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Scary Fog Pig City Valentine

Holiday Heist is the second special episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street. This episode shows the glimpse of the new season arriving in 2018. This episode is based on Christmas. This is the first episode to feature a thief pig to appear in any Piggy Tales season. This is the second episode of any Piggy Tales season to show Santa Claus Pig, first being Holiday Song of Piggy Tales: Third Act. This is the fifth overall Christmas episode featuring the pigs in two legs. This is first episode of this season written by Duncan Rochfort.

YouTube Description

Santa and the Thief engage in a battle of wits around the tree in this special holiday sneak-peek episode of the all-new Piggy Tales 4th Street series coming to YouTube in 2018!


Santa Claus pig starts putting presents around a Christmas Tree, but Thief pig steals them, Santa Claus pig sees no presents and starts putting presents around the tree again and Thief pig steals them.But, that time he noticed it and got angry at Thief pig, he tries to run but Santa Claus pig pulls the thief bag full of presents and it hit their faces.

Santa Claus pig gets angry at Thief Pig and demands him to give the presents back, Thief pig rejects it and Santa Claus pig gets angrier but this time he had an idea.He got a naughty list and was ready to write Thief Pig's name in it, he gets scared and says to Santa Claus pig to do not make it, Santa Claus pig goes away with the present bag.Thief pig gets the naughty list and draws an angel pig and stamps thief pig symbols on the names but presents boxes falls above him.


  • This is the second Christmas episode to feature Santa Pig.
  • This is the first episode to feature Santa Pig but with spectacles.
  • This is the first episode in any Piggy Tales season to feature the names of the piggies namely Erin, Meru, Duncan and Thomas. The thief pig's name was about to be written but was never revealed. The only pig till now who has a name anywhere except the seasons is Ross. Surprisingly, the names 'Duncan' and 'Meru' stood for Duncan Rochfort and Meruan Salim who wrote and directed the episode respectively.
  • There are a lot of similarities compared to the episodes 'Holiday Heist' and 'Holiday Song'.
    • The word 'Holiday' is the first word for the title of these two episodes.
    • The two episodes showed Santa Pig.
    • These episodes had a Christmas tree appear in it.
    • The two episodes were released on the same date (December 16)
  • This is the fifth overall Christmas special episode of Piggy Tales seasons based on pigs with two legs.
  • The two episodes Scary Fog and Holiday Heist are the only two episodes of Piggy Tales: 4th Street to have aired in 2017. These episodes are although used to show a glimpse of the season. The actual episodes of the 4th season will actually arrive in 2018.
    • A week after this episode relased, all of the episodes got leaked without further notice (excluding this episode and Scary Fog) on iTunes and DVD.
  • On the official YouTube channel, Holiday Heist is incorrectly listed as the 15th episode in the series.



Piggy Tales - 4th Street Christmas Special - Holiday Heist

Piggy Tales - 4th Street Christmas Special - Holiday Heist

Thief Pig.... YOUR'E NAUGHTY!

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