Holiday Song
Holiday Song TC
Episode number 27
Air Date December 16, 2016
Written by Kim Helminen
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Gift Wrapped Lost Piggy

Holiday Song is the twenty-seventh episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

Toons.TV Description

It's Christmas Eve and Angel Pig gets into a tangle by the tree.


Angel Pig comes down on a rope, He yells at the person who is hanging the rope to pull him down more, Then Angel Pig comes to sing again, Then the rope stops and gets pulled up, This time Angel Pig gets furious and yells louder to pull him down more, Then tries to break through the rope, Then Santa Claus pig saves him and starts singing with Angel Pig but after this,Santa Pig throws him to the star on Christmas Tree,Santa Pig still sings happily.


  • This is the first time a young pig is seen on Piggy Tales: Third Act.
  • This is also the last Christmas Special in this season.
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