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"Heads for the first pig to enter his radar!"
Description, Angry Birds Seasons

The Homing Bird is a transformation that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is a state of Red, achieved through unknown means.


As the Homing Bird, Red looks similar to his normal self. He is a round bird with red feathers that cover most of his body, hence his name; two feathers that work as his crest; large, black eyebrows on his face; a peach belly; and three small, black feathers on his tail. He now wears a gray antenna on his head. Said antenna ends with a green tip.


The Homing Bird only appears as a power-up in Angry Birds Seasons. He does not appear normally in the levels, though the player can summon him as long as they have one. However, they can only use him once per level. The Homing Bird can also be used for free in the Power-Up Test Site. The Homing Bird can be obtained by buying him at the shop or by popping a pig in a gift.

When using the Homing Bird in gameplay, the current bird on the slingshot will be replaced with the Homing Bird, who will be surroundered by a green radar. While he does nothing when the player taps onto the screen when he is launched, the Homing Bird will automatically head towards the first enemy that is in contact with his radar. In this state, the Homing Bird will easily be able to cut though materials until he reaches the target. In addition, he can be made much stronger and larger if the player uses the Power Potion on him. However, the Homing Bird will be unable to use his ability whenever he collides with an object, and will cancel his movement if he collides with something he cannot destroy.

The costs of the Homing Bird at the shop are as follows:

Cost (in Bird Coins) Description
x2 x10 x40
70 300 1000 Heads for the first pig to enter his radar!
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