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Hoth is an episode that was released for Angry Birds Star Wars on November 29, 2012 with 20 levels. The next 20 levels were released on January 31, 2013. Hoth is the third planet in the game. The first Hoth update brings a new Bonus level that required 385 Stars. The Escape from Hoth update brought the next bonus with an unlock requirement of 425 stars. Both updates each include one new Golden Droid to find. Rovio announced the release date on Twitter and Facebook. The levels first take place on the planet itself, in a icy landscape, followed by space levels with the view of the planet. The next space levels in Hoth's own asteroid field, and finally, regular gravitized levels inside a deep, dark cave (Stomach of an Exogorth Pig), home of the Mynock Pigs.

Bird Debuts

  • Princess Leia Bird
  • Rebel Trooper/Soldier Birds (in the cut-scene) (new bird)
  • Chewbacca's power gets upgraded (Terence's earthquake power is upgraded)

Pig Debuts

  • Snowtrooper Pigs
  • At-At driver pigs
  • At-At Walker commander pigs
  • Imperial Probe Droid pigs
  • Piggie AT-ATs (not nescciary needed to complete level)
  • Mynock Pigs
  • Fat Mynock Pig (Boss at level 3-40)
  • Exogorth Pig (in the ending cutscene for Hoth; inside its stomach is also the place of levels 3-28 through 3-40 and home of the Mynock Pigs)


3-1: Vader is seen planning an attack on Hoth, then troopers (Blue Birds) are seen fighting AT-ATs, while the Hoth base is seen damaged with Leia and Chuck Solo inside.

3-20: The Falcon is seen escaping from pigs.

3-27: The Falcon is seen flying in a cave (Inside the Exogorth's stomach)

3-40: The Falcon is seen flying out of the Exogorth's mouth.


Fat Mynock Pig

Attacks: None, except for flying around

Method to defeat: The player must defeat a wave of Mynock Pigs before fighting the boss, after enough are destroyed, the boss appears, and has more health than a normal Mynock Pig, but can sometimes be killed by Luke's lightsaber (Lower chance if Lightsaber isn't upgraded in Path of the Jedi). A few hits of blocks or a few strong strength birds can kill it.

Location: 3-40

In Star Wars

In Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the Rebel Alliance were stationed at a hidden place in Hoth after the successful destruction of the Death Star. Nonetheless, the Empire was able to locate it and launched an attack in hope of capturing the Rebels. The Rebels mounted a strong defense, but were defeated, and the base was captured.



  • When you play levels 3-40 in Hoth, if you detonate TNT crates and other explosives, the cave (Stomach of the Exogorth Pig) will rumble and shake.