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Hoth 3-39 is the thirty-ninth level in Hoth episode in Angry Birds Star Wars.


  • This level is hard, but hard only target score. You need to make the stalactites to fall down to the huge pile of the iron ruins.


Strategy 1

Send Han toward the left stalactite, shooting the right one down while Han is ascending. After the smoke clears, all that should remain is one Mynock pig in the middle of the ceiling, guarded by another stalactite. Shoot down the stalactite and pop the mynock with Han’s body.[1] This strategy is considered very hard. We have an easier one.

Strategy 2

Send Han towards the furthest tower. During flight, shoot down two nearest stalactite. Use another Han to shoot down another stalactites and pop the remaining pigs.

Strategy 3

Send Han like in strategy 1. Shoot the top iron blocks at the central tower. They should ricochet and take all stalactites down to the structures and pop all pigs.

Strategy 4

Send Han Solo towards the end of the first stalactite. During flight, shoot down the furthest stalactite. He'll take the central stalactite down to the structure. Use the second Han to demolish the remaining pigs and extra damage of the structure.


See Video Walkthrough.