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Hoth 3-9 (Angry Birds Star Wars)
Episode Hoth Text
Level 89
Order of Birds LukeHan 2Han 2Luke
No.of Pigs Snowtrooper x3 Maximilian Veers transparent x3
Target Score: ThreeStars (Transparent): 79,000 points
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Hoth 3-9 is the ninth level in Hoth episode in Angry Birds Star Wars.


  • There are many iron blocks. They're very annoying to get higher score.
  • Pigs in the structure may be very tricky
  • Target score is 79,000. It's extremely high. Also extremely hard to get three stars.


Send Luke toward the bottom of the furthest tower, using the lightsaber to roll the TNT down the icy path into the contraption below. Then “shoot the moon” with Han, firing him nearly straight up so he falls between the first two towers. Shoot the wood blocks to take all the tower down. Popping all pigs but you need more lucky to 3 stars. Score usually not enough for three stars.


See Video Walkthrough.

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