Hoverboard Shutdown is an episode of Angry Birds MakerSpace .


This is where the rubber meets the road – the pigs put on a race to see which technology is the fastest.


The episode starts with three pigs on a start of a race, the first pig grabs his tricycle, the two other pigs start to laugh, he then rides it. The second pig, after laughing, grabs his electric monocycle, him and the first pig get surprised as they see a hoverboard, which the first tries to see it, but the third pig gets in his front. The lightpost pig asks if everyone is ready and the pigs say that they are, the three get ready, the lightpost pig starts the race.

The tricycle pig starts to pilot his tricycle, which the other pigs laugh, the monocycle pig rides and turns  his vehicle on,  it goes a lot fast, surpassing the tricycle pig. The third pig rides his hoverboard and also surpasses the tricycle pig, he then rides the another pig's monocycle with the hoverboard as a form of mocking him, the monocycle pig gets angry. The hoverboard pig makes a stunt but falls into the floor, launching the hoverboard into the monocycle and also launching the pig.

The hoverboard starts to follow the tricycle pig and hit the tricycle's wheel, the pig gets scared and starts to pilot the tricycle faster, he then goes to the bottom, but the hoverboard hits then wheel and launches the tricycle to TNT boxes, which they explode, launching the pig and tricycle to the finish and making the same pig win.



Angry Birds MakerSpace Hoverboard Showdown! - S1 Ep13-3

Angry Birds MakerSpace Hoverboard Showdown! - S1 Ep13-3

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