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Hypno Daze is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 1 of the TV show, Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description[]

Jim hypnotizes his brothers to do his chores, but is left with more to clean up as chaos ensues.


The Blues are reading the Mighty Eagle Express catalog again. Their mother, Olive Blue, came over and gave the chicks work to do: she gave Jay some glasses, Jake some plates, and Jim, to his bewilderment, rakes and clippers. Arranging plates and glasses on the table is a minute job, so Jay and Jake quickly managed it, but a disgruntled Jim will have to work hard. Jim didn't move the rake very vigorously, and his brothers sat down at the catalog, much to Jim's annoyance.

However, on the last page was an advertisement for the Mighty Eagle hypno watch. Jim decided that this was his chance, and he laughed wickedly: he already had the watch. Jim started waving his watch at Jay and Jake and making passes, their pupils dilated but they were just laughing. Jim snapped his wing, and Jay and Jake froze, their pupils constricted. Jim realized that the brothers were in his power, gave them the tools and sent them to work with two clicks. Now he himself took up the catalog.

But, to Jim's dismay, Jake went to the stone path, loudly hitting it with a rake. As soon as Jim unfolded it, he saw that Jay was cutting flowers in a vase and knocking utensils off the table. Jim clicked a few more times, but to no avail. But Jake dragged the grill away with a rake in front of an unsuspecting (since he was immersed in reading the newspaper) Greg Blue, and the meat fell on the grass. Jim unfolded it again. Not only was there no sense from the unfortunate workers, but Jay also began to move towards Jim, snapping scissors and howling. Jim fought him off, but the brothers went on the offensive together, and Jim decided to hide in the house from Mighty Delivery, but they caught up with him. Jim boarded up the house with Jay and Jake and breathed a sigh of relief.

However, Jim had even more work to do than originally: the hypnotized chicks made a big mess. Jim quickly trimmed the bushes, returned the grill to its original position, and arranged cutlery. He was pleased, but Jake and Jay were advancing from behind. Jim closed his eyes, but the brothers laughed - they were only feigning hypnosis. Jim became seriously angry, but the scene was interrupted by the mother, who called the chicks to the table. Greg, without getting up from the sun lounger, tossed the meat onto the plates, and it hit right on target. But, to displeasure, the meat was in small stones and grass clippings.



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Angry Birds Blues - Hypno Daze - S1 Ep25

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