Hypno Pigs
H Pigs
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Episode number 21
Air Date August 4, 2013
Written by Ian Carney
Directed by Kim Helminen
Birds RedBirdToons
Pigs MinionPigToons
Run Chuck Run Egg's Day Out

Hypno Pigs is the twenty-first episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on August 4, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs resort to hypnosis to get the Eggs, but with Red out for the count, they can't resist a bit of fun...



Red was guarding the eggs under a shadow-casting tree. As usual, three Minion Pigs were waiting in the tree to cause him trouble. In this case, by using a golden pendulum to knock out Red. Red sensed it and faced it, growling at it to stay away. The Minion Pigs quickly swung it, causing Red to be hypnotized to sleep.

Once Red was out, they climbed down the tree to see if their plan worked. One of them used a hand pointer to tap his sensitive chest. When Red did not wake up, the second Minion Pig shook him awake but that did not work either. Finally, deciding to risk it all, all of them yelled and made loud, goofy noises. As Red was still out cold, their opportunity to steal the eggs came. Just as they were about to leave, the two Minion Pigs holding the eggs saw their friend using Red as a toy, causing them to have fun using Red while he was still out.

The Minion Pigs then used Red to do many things in order of appearance:

  1. Bottle opener with his beak
  2. A board to play tic-tac-toe on
  3. As a base for stacking many items
  4. Using his eyebrows as a mustache
  5. As a lever for a see-saw
  6. As a tetherball
  7. As a doll where Red was dressed up as a girl (and a picture taken for memory)
  8. As a volleyball
  9. As a bowling ball
  10. Last but not least, a projectile for the slingshot

The Minion Pigs laughed for a while but once they realized Red was gone, they became sad. Then they remembered why they hypnotized Red: to steal the eggs. They happily stole it and were about to get away when Red suddenly shot right back at them and knocked them away from the eggs, with it placed back into the nest, and over a cliff. Apparently, Red ricochetted off several walls in the tall cliffs he was shot at. The Minion Pigs then fell off and were not seen again for the rest of the episode.

Red finally woke up to see a mess. He panicked and wondered where the eggs were, just to see them safe and sound in the nest. Relieved, he happily walked back to the nest just to come across the photo the Minion Pigs took earlier. He looked at it and was very shocked as while he knocked out, he was dressed as a girl. He looked at the camera, wondering if the audience saw what happened while he was sleeping.




  • This is the ninth episode to have its name changed. The first one was Pig Has Talent to Pig Talent, with the second being A New Friend to True Blue?, the third being Taking a Leave to Off Duty, the fourth being Thunderbolts and Lightning to Thunder Chuck, the fifth being Oh My Garden to Gardening With Terence, the sixth being Mission Implausible to Dopeys on a Rope, the seventh being Too Many Eggs to Double Take, and the eighth being Massage Me to Slappy-Go-Lucky.
    • The original name for the episode was Who Am I?
  • This was supposed to be the 23rd episode of Angry Birds Toons after Egg's Day Out.
  • The way Red was bouncing off the rocks with a visible numerical score is reminiscent of pinball.
  • One Minion Pig had a deep voice that resembles the voice of King Pig.


Angry Birds Toons Hypno Pigs - S1 Ep21

Angry Birds Toons Hypno Pigs - S1 Ep21

I feel sleepy....

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