Ice Bird
AB Japan Image 19
Abilities Turning surrounding blocks (and pigs) into ice
First Appearance Cold Cuts 2-4 (Set free in 2-3)
Gender Male
Species Extraterrestrial Bird or Blue Whistling Thrush (Myophonus caeruleus)
Locations Many in Angry Birds Space
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   ''Urrgg. Have to protect... uh... have to... Protect! Protect my egg!''

-Ice Bird, Angry Birds Space Comic

Ice Bird is an extraterrestrial companion to the Flock once they arrive in Space. He convinces the Flock to help him in his quest to recover the Eggsteroid. He intends on saving his home planet from the Space Pigs, but Red is convinced he can help get them home. His power is to freeze enemies solid in an icy explosion. His powers resemble those of Iceman.

In the game, Ice Bird freezes an area upon impact. Ice Bird explodes a couple of seconds after impact with any piece of structure, and covers the surrounding blocks and piggies with ice, making them brittle and easier to break. If the screen is not tapped, Ice Bird will hesitate for a few seconds, still turning surfaces it touches into ice; making the Ice Bird a technical variation of Bomb. The Ice Bird's explosion doesn't damage any regular blocks or pigs, but it will set off any explosive objects in range.

The Ice Bird is currently exclusive to Space, and currently, no plans for him making any appearances elsewhere exist.



  • He is also the first bird that didn't appear in the regular Angry Birds games. The second is Silver.
  • Unlike Fat Pig, he has no appearances besides Angry Birds Space.
  • In the last two episodes of Angry Birds Space, Brass Hogs and Solar System; there are no levels with him.
  • His launch is actually Poppy's launch edited.
  • He makes a cameo in Boba's Delivery as a toy.
  • His pain noises are actually Matilda's pain noises edited.
    • Therefore, there is a theory that this is what happened to her when she went to space.
    • Due to Angry Birds Toons and every bird having a name. Ice Bird got the nickname
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