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Ice Bird (also known as Ice Bomb) is a member of Red's flock who first appears in Angry Birds Space. He is an extraterrestrial companion to the Flock who helps them defeat the space pigs. He is the second original character to be introduced outside of the classic Angry Birds game.

Ice Bird appears exclusively to Angry Birds Space and its Reloaded remake, but he makes cameos in Angry Birds Friends (in the Lotus F1 Tournament as a poster), Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team, Angry Birds Journey (as a statue) and in Boba's Delivery as a gag.


Ice Bird's body is a cube-shaped block of ice that seemingly cannot melt. He has two rectangular icicles that represent feathers on both his head and back, a long orange beak that is not made of ice, and reddish-brown eyebrows.

Snowball Bird

Main article: Snowball Bird

Snowball Bird is an early design of Ice Bird, planned to be in Angry Birds Space. It is likely to be a version of Bomb as it strongly resembles him and would correlate with the gameplay as Ice Bird's ability is somewhat similar to Bomb's. This early design of Ice Bird appears in an unreleased Angry Birds Space .ipa file first discovered on December 16, 2023 from the "TestFlight Teraleak".


Ice Bird is a very mysterious character, and not much is known about his origins. He is very serious and hostile, and does not trust very easily. Despite this, he is very loyal to those close to him such as Red's flock as well as his egg.

Game appearances

Angry Birds Space


Ice Bird, from Angry Birds Space.

Ice Bird is first introduced when he falls out of a wormhole. He is initially hostile to the birds, out of the intention of protecting his Eggsteroid. However, their first encounter is interrupted when King Pig's ship bursts through the wormhole and captures the Eggsteroid, along with the flock's eggs. This event initiates Ice Bird to fly back into the wormhole, and the flock (consisting of Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence) to follow them through the slingshot.

The flock encounter Ice Bird later on in the chapter Cold Cuts, where he is held in captivity by the pigs. Once freed, he convinces the Flock to help him in his quest to recover his Eggsteroid. According to promotional material, he intends on saving his home planet from the Space Pigs, though this planet is never expanded upon nor introduced.

In gameplay, he debuts in Cold Cuts 2-3 but he becomes playable in Cold Cuts 2-4. He explodes when his ability is triggered causing the objects in his proximity to be frozen into an ice/glass-like material. This ability can be triggered by the player or automatically, moments after first impact, similar to Bomb. Ice Bird's explosion doesn't directly damage any regular blocks or pigs, but will make them brittle and easier to break. His ability will also set off any explosive objects in range, such as TNT. Ice Bird and the Lightning Birds (the Blues) are often paired due to their compatibility.

Ice Bird does not appear in the episodes Brass Hogs and Solar System.

Angry Birds Friends

Ice Bird makes a cameo in the Lotus F1 Team Tournament on a poster in the background.

Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team

Ice Bird makes a cameo in the game on a flag on the level selection menu.

Angry Birds Go!

IceBird Design

Ice Bird's unused model, from Angry Birds Go!.

In 2018, before Angry Birds Go! was removed, a tweet unveiled a concept that was discovered by game designer Liz Edwards. She helped with concepts for an Angry Birds game, likely Angry Birds Go! based on the vehicles seen in the concepts. People asked if Ice Bird would be in Angry Birds Go! but she responded "I wish I knew! I don't have any information I was only an intern there for 3 weeks" Possibly having confirmed that he wouldn't appear in the game.[2]

AB Journey Ice Bird Statue

Possibly Ice Bird as a statue, from Angry Birds Journey.

Angry Birds Journey

A statue resembling him appears in the background of Ancient Ruins in Angry Birds Journey, implying that, if this is Ice Bird, he was once looked upon by the inhabitants of the land. However, there is no solid evidence that this is Ice Bird, as the only notable similarity between the two is the square shape (a common feature of ancient statues like this in real life).

Angry Birds Reloaded

Angry Birds Reloaded avatars (Ice Bird)

Ice Bird avatar, from Angry Birds Reloaded.

Ice Bird initially appeared as a profile picture in Angry Birds Reloaded. However, Ice Bird's original face was a carryover from Chuck's. In July 2023, Ice Bird was brought into the game in the remastered Cold Cuts levels in the game. His gameplay hasn't changed since Angry birds space.

Media appearances

Angry Birds Space Origins Short Movie

Ice Bird, alongside the Eggsteroid that he was carrying, came out of a wormhole and crash-landed on Piggy Island where the Flock were curious about his appearance. However, after Red tapped him to see if he was alright, the Ice Bird immediately became hostile towards them by protecting the Eggstroid. Suddenly, a claw came through the wormhole and grabbed the Eggstroid alongside the Eggs. Furious, he went to the Slingshot and launched himself through the wormhole chasing after the UFO.


Ice Bird as a squeaky toy, from Boba's Delivery.

Boba's Delivery

When Boba Fett was trying to raise Han Solo from the carbonite chamber, he accidentally grabs an Ice Bird squeaky toy, before he throws it away and grabs Han Solo in carbonite. (Boba's Delivery)

Super Angry Birds

Ice Bird appears throughout the Super Angry Birds series as a protagonist with the Flock.[3]


Powers and Abilities

  • Deep Freeze Attack[1]




Names in other languages

Language Name English translation
Latin Spanish Cubito Small ice cube.
Polish Zamrażacz[4] Freezer


  • His pain noises are actually Matilda's pain noises distorted and pitched down.
  • His icicle feathers protect him from the cold vacuum of space. [1]
  • He is the second character that gets captured, freed, and then becomes playable. The first is Hal.
  • He is the only bird in Angry Birds Space not to have an original name, it is confirmed in the book The World of Angry Birds Official Guide that his real name is Ice Bird.
  • In the Beak Impact Trailer, Ice Bird is shown to be inside a meteor that freezes, and Ice Bird is shown breaking out of it.
  • Carbonite Han Solo has a similar power (and appearance) to that of Ice Bird's, but unlike Ice Bird he doesn't explode once in contact with an object.
  • A drawing of Ice Bird made by Firefly(ish) on Twitter was featured in the trailer for the Minecraft DLC.
  • There is an early prototype version of him called Snowball Bird, who has the same exact power but a completely different design, one that looks a lot like Bomb.


For the gallery, see Ice Bird/Gallery


For the sounds, see Ice_Bird/Gallery#Sounds


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