Ice Bird
AB Japan Image 19.png
Gender Male
Species Extraterrestrial Bird (Possibly based on a Penguin)
Size Medium
Locations Many in Angry Birds Space
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Turning surrounding blocks (and pigs) into ice with ice-cold explode
Strength Weak
First appearance Cold Cuts 2-4 (Set free in 2-3)
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

Ice Bird is a member of Red's flock who first and solely debuted in Angry Birds Space. He is an extraterrestrial companion to the Flock who helps them defeat the space pigs. He is the second original character to be introduced outside of the classic Angry Birds game.

Ice Bird appears exclusively to Angry Birds Space, but makes cameos  in Angry Birds Friends! (In the Lotus F1 Tournament as a poster), Lotus F1 and animations, in Boba's Delivery as a gag. 


He has no feathers. Instead, his body is a cube shaped block of ice, that seemingly cannot melt. He has two rectangular icicles on his head and back, a long beak and brown eyebrows. 


Ice Bird is a very mysterious character, and not much is known about his origins. He is very serious and hostile, and does not trust very easily. Despite this, he is very loyal to those close to him such as Red's flock as well as his egg. 


Not much is known about Ice Bird prior to the events of Angry Birds Space.

Ice Bird is first introduced when he falls out of a wormhole. He is initially hostile to the birds, out of the intention of protecting his eggsteroid. However, their first encounter is interuppted when King Pig's ship bursts through the wormhole and captures the eggsteroid, along with the flock's eggs. This event initiates Ice Bird to fly back into the wormhole, and the flock (consisting of RedThe BluesChuckBomb, and Terence) to follow them through the slingshot.

The flock encounters Ice Bird later on in the chapter Cold Cuts, where he is held in captivity by the pigs. Once freed, he convinces the Flock to help him in his quest to recover his eggsteroid. According to promotional material, he intends on saving his home planet from the Space Pigs, though this planet is never expanded upon nor introduced.


In the game, Ice Bird explodes when his ability is triggered causing the objects in his proximity to be frozen into an ice/glass-like material. This ability can be triggered by the player or automatically, moments after first impact, similar to Bomb. Ice Bird's explosion doesn't directly damage any regular blocks or pigs, but will make them brittle and easier to break. His ability will also set off any explosive objects in range, such as TNT. Ice Bird and the Lightning Birds (the Blues) are often paired due to their compatibility.


  • He is the first member of Red's flock to be featured playable in only one game, second is Tony.
  • Ice Bird does not appear in the chapters Brass Hogs and Solar System.
  • His pain noises are actually Matilda's pain noises distorted.
  • He is the second character to be appeared in the level before playable. The first is Hal.



  • He is the only bird in Space not to have a real name.
  • In the Beak Impact Trailer, Ice Bird is shown to be Inside a Meteor, that freezes and Ice Bird is shown Breaking out of it.

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