Red approaching the Infinity Acceptance Center.

First appearing in The Angry Birds Movie, The Infinity Acceptance Center is a facility located at the edge of Bird Village where delinquent and misbehaving Birds are sentenced to have themselves straightened out. Matilda is the head honcho of the Center.


Birds who are punished by Judge Peckinpah are sentenced to attend the center, where they attend remediation classes with other similarly convicted Birds under the direction of its headteacher, Matilda. As she is a spiritually-minded bird, Matilda teaches delinquent birds to conduct meditative and seemingly spiritual exercises in order to correct their behavior, with little success.

The Center is constructed to withstand the destructive blast of Bomb but would require repairs whe

Matilda, Red, Terence, Chuck, Bomb inside the center.

never that happens in order for classes to continue safely. It is not known how often classes are disrupted this way, due to Matilda's awareness of the problem.


Matilda is the only known teacher of the Center and is perhaps its chief one. Hal and Bubbles are also known to be musicians at the Center, playing percussion and horns, respectively.


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