The Iron Maiden Halloween Tournaments were Angry Birds Friends! tournaments that happened in October 2018. The days that it

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happened are the following:
  • Wicker Man Tournament: (October 18th October 21st, 2018)
  • Powerslave Tournament: (October 22nd to October 26th, 2018) 
  • Underworld Tournament: (October 27th to October 31st, 2018)

This tournament featured various Special Things. One of them is the theme songs that use Iron Maiden Music, that is the following:


A portal has opened spewing Iron Maiden mascot Eddie into the bird realm once again. This time, he’s got company – The Beast itself has been set loose on Bird Island!

Wicker Man Tournament

This tournament is set on a cloudy forest with pine trees in the night. On the left, there's the Wicker Man, by the moon's light. When a Torch Jar is broken, the Wicker Man will be set on fire.

In the foreground, there are a bunch of pigs and cultist pigs on the grass with Sickles and sticks with nails watching the Wicker Man.

Powerslave Tournament

This tournament is set in a desert with 3 coconut trees and a bunch of mountains in the far background. There is an Eddie Pyramid, a normal pyramid, and a monument. The sky is during a full moon night with green fog flying.

When an Egyptian Stone Tutorial Panel is destroyed, lightning will strike the Eddie Pyramid and the Eddie head on it will turn active (With the eyes glowing blue) and will start to laugh, but only for a bit.

In the foreground, there are a bunch of stone panels.

Underworld Tournament

This tournament is set in the Underworld, with a giant rib bone with eyes of creatures inside it and in the far background, there are rocky mountains. The sky is at night with a moon and a sun. There are two clouds. If a part of a giant Rune is destroyed, an eclipse will happen and the moon will block the sun, making an eclipse.

In the foreground, there is a lava river.

New Features

New And Returning Pigs

  • Iron Maiden Zombie Pigs: They come from the ground when a pig is defeated on the Wicker Man Tournament.
  • Mummy Zombie Pigs: They return from the Curse Of The Mummy Pigs Tournament, the same as before and return from the ground when a pig is defeated on the Powerslave Tournament.
  • Zombie Pigs: They return from the Halloween Tournaments, the same as before and return from the ground when a pig is defeated on the Underworld Tournament.
  • Beast Pig: Appears in some of the levels of the Underworld Tournament. He is hard to defeat and often appears with a trident. If a bird defeats him, a bunch of organs and eyes will drop out of him.

New Power-Up

  • Eddie The Bird: He replaces the Birdquake Power-Up when used, he will scream which produces an earthquake, and the fire appears instead of debris.


Wicker Man Tournament

  • Wolf Cultist Pig: A pig with wear.
  • Owl Cultist Pig: A pig with wear.
  • Deer Cultist Pig: A pig with wear. The leaf hat and deer antlers are separated but often come together.
  • Thin Wood: Has almost the same durability as wood, only a bit harder.
  • Gems: They come in three colors: Purple, red and blue. They give 2000 points when destroyed.
  • Skull Chest: An easy to destroy object, they often come with gems.
  • Leaves: A very easy to destroy object.
  • Lantern: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Iron Maiden Torture Device: Another easy to destroy object, a small pig often appears on it.
  • Torch Jar: If destroyed, it will set the Wicker Man on fire and will drop small embers that burn any flammable object or injury pigs.
  • Sickle: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Pitchfork: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Owl Staff: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Ox Skull:  Another easy to destroy object.
  • Beehive In Cage: Another easy to destroy object.

Powerslave Tournament

  • Pharaoh Hat: King Pig's wear.
  • Ra Hat: A pig's wear.
  • Anubis Hat: Another pig's wear.
  • Sun Hat: Another pig's wear.
  • Golden Eddie Scarab: Gives 5000 Points when destroyed.
  • Egypt Tutorial Stone Panels: If one of the panels are destroyed, a lightning bolt will hit the Eddie Pyramid and turn it active. The panels show the following things:
    • A bird being launched by the slingshot, the panel is broken, the Pyramid being hit by a lightning bolt, and 23:58.
  • Golden Ank: Gives 2000 points when destroyed.
  • Stone Block With Symbols: Replaces the stone blocks in this tournament.
  • Skull Pillar: A hard to destroy object.
  • Golden Jar: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Fruit Golden Jar: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Clay Jar  Another easy to destroy object.
  • Egyptian Staff: Another easy to destroy object.

Underworld Tournament

  • Stalactite: Directly from Mine and Dine from Angry Birds Classic.
  • Miner Helmets: A pig's wear also directly from Mine and Dine.
  • Eddie Pumpkin: An easy to destroy object.
  • Golden Devil Contracts: Gives 5000 points when destroyed.
  • Giant Rune: If a part of it is destroyed, it will make an eclipse. They are easy to destroy.
  • Viking Runes: Directly from the Vikings Tournaments, but this time, it will send a lightning bolt at a determined place, just like the Zeus Jars from Ancient Greece Tournament. They also emit an orange light instead of yellow.
  • TNT Box: Same as TNT, but with a different design.
  • Box: A hard to destroy object.


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