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It's Mine! is the sixth episode of the second season of Angry Birds Stella and the nineteenth episode overall. It premiered on December 4, 2015.

Toons.TV Description[]

The obsession over the precious golden egg is spreading and now Dahlia now finds herself under its spell. Can she crack the egg's mysteries with science - or will she be consumed by its power?


Dahlia creates several plans and sheets with calculations, which she sticks on the walls of her room, to obtain the Golden Egg (which she was enchanted by and obsessed with obtaining). An idea occurs to her and she begins to create a replica of the egg made of wood and cardboard, which she paints gold to make it look like the real thing.

So Dahlia goes to the monsters' den, and sets off a noisy explosive device at the entrance of the cave, which is seen by the monster, and alarmed, he leaves the cave to chase whatever is causing the noise. While the monster leaves distracted, Dahlia takes the opportunity to enter, takes the Golden Egg and puts the fake replica in its place, however, an alarm is triggered in the cave. Dahlia returns with her friends to the treehouse, and locks herself in her room, to take out the Golden Egg and immediately places it on a base, while she contemplates it, and without realizing it, begins to laugh evilly, when there is a knock. at the door, and when she opens it, she sees that it is Stella, who asks if she wants to surf, but Dahlia tells her to leave her alone, when Stella sees that Dahlia has several drawings of the Golden Egg hanging on the wall and leaves through a moment, a little surprised. So Dahlia begins experimenting with the Golden Egg, first measuring it on a scale with some books, then testing its buoyancy in a container of water, and finally its hardness with a hammer and chisel, but when she touches it the egg, it turns the tools into gold, leaving Dahlia stunned, and then hits the egg again with the hammer, reversing the effect. She tries several times and realizes that some flowers that were on her table have turned to stone.

He then tries to break the egg with a drill and then a sword, but turns both objects into gold. She then tries a hammer (which also turns gold) and a soldering iron (which has no effect on the egg). Furious, Dahlia begins to desperately throw objects at her, which turn into gold, causing her plants outside her room to turn to stone, and Stella listens to her. Meanwhile, Dahlia decides to experiment to see if the egg can be broken with an explosive device, which she activates, and it explodes, blowing out her bedroom door, which Stella was peeking through. and she sees that the explosion destroyed Dahlia's entire room, and seeing Dahlia bewitched, she notices something shiny under the rubble. The other friends arrive and Luca also sees the egg, so Willow protects him from seeing it, while Stella puts it inside Dahlia's backpack, leaving her disenchanted. Dahlia, upon seeing that Stella took the egg, becomes furious, takes it from her and begins to argue, but at that moment, they discover the monster lurking from the tree, who noticed the egg being stolen, and starts to take it, but Dahlia clings to him trying to grab him, so he shakes her, causing Dahlia to drop the egg, before leaving the place, while the baby monster throws the fake egg at Dahlia, who breaks it in the process.

Dahlia comes out of the spell, and notices that her friends are upset, so she goes to the ruins of her room and starts doodling on the blackboard, while her friends leave tiredly, and she continues drawing, but after that, the board falls into on top of it, breaking it in the process.

Characters (in order of appearance)[]


  • This is the third time in a row not to have the appearance of Gale and the pigs. This is the sixth time overall. First was Rock On!, second was Own The Sky, third was The Prankster, fourth was Step It Up, and fifth was Camp Scary.
  • This is the first episode of Angry Birds Stella when a Bird aside from Gale acts somewhat like an antagonist.
  • There is a reference to This Movie Raiders of the Lost Ark (also known as Indiana Jones).
  • There is a reference to this episode in Glided Cage.
  • In 1:32, Poppy holds a cell phone and sounds from Angry Birds are heard.


Coming Soon.


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