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Items are objects used by pigs in the game. They are usually background items and do not play a major role during the game, except for adding points to the total score (usually 100 per item) and unlocking Golden Eggs.

List of Items:

Items appearing in Angry Birds[]

These items are listed roughly by the order of their first appearances, starting with the Tutorial and continuing in the game's current episode and chapter order:

  • Golden Wrench (first appearance: Tutorial 0–1)
  • Pink and White Birthday Cake (Tutorial 0–2) Awards 3,000 points when destroyed
  • Purple and White Cupcake (Tutorial 0–2) Awards 3,000 points when destroyed
  • Donut (Tutorial 0–7)
  • Orange Nugget (Tutorial 0–7)
  • Pot of Gold (Tutorial 0–7)
  • Steel Hammer (Tutorial 0–7)
  • Barrel (Tutorial 0–7)
  • Strawberry (Tutorial 0–8)
  • "Danger Above" Balloon (Tutorial 0–9) A fixed object with no gravity, sometimes with pigs invisibly tethered to them; comes in yellow, pink, ...
  • Bounce Pad (Tutorial 0–9) Birds, pigs, and anything else will bounce off these pads when they touch them
  • TNT Crate (Tutorial 0–9) Explodes when destroyed
  • Chimney Top (Tutorial 0–11)
  • Chimney Spout (Tutorial 0–11)
  • Blue Bucket (Tutorial 0–12)
  • Rusty Pipes (Tutorial 0–13) These come in segments of different shapes, like long column-sized pieces or curved joints; some connect to an indestructible grate in the level terrain
  • Rubber Duck (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Triangular Glass Jar (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Snouted Glass Jar (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Round Glass Jar (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Stool (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Goggles (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Lab Coat (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Lab Gear (Tutorial 0–13)
  • Small Trophy (Tutorial 0–14) Awards 3,000 points when destroyed
  • Brown Treasure Chest (Tutorial 0–14)
  • Column (Tutorial 0–15) Very sturdy
  • Unhatched Egg (Tutorial 0–15) Indestructible
  • Red Jewel (Mighty League, Glass League-4)
  • Under construction

Items appearing only in Angry Birds Seasons

These items represent the holiday they are in and reward the player with 1000-3000 points if destroyed.

Items appearing only in Angry Birds Space

  • Shrubs
  • Radishes
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowballs
  • Asteroids
  • Comets
  • Popcorn Asteroid
  • Purple Sparkly Mushrooms: 3000 points
  • Pearls
  • Clam shell
  • Various More Items