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Jackhammered is the sixth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Toons.TV Description[]

Hearing protection? Check. Common sense? Not so much.

YouTube Description[]

Want to have time on your side? We have run out of ideas!


A pig on a jackhammer with hearing protection is making his way over to an edge of a cliff, when the minion pig tries to stop him before he could fall. However, the jackhammering pig cannot hear him. The minion pig uses a blow horn, yet the jackhammering pig still can't hear him. So, the other pig constructs a path for the pig on the jackhammer to cross. However, that pig turns around and the left edge cracks. After the edge cracked he screams in terror so loud that the jackhammering pig finally noticed something, but barely did so, and ignored the gap.


  • Something made the jackhammering pig ignore the gap, which is the path.
  • The minion pig's delayed scream at the end of the episode is quiet, but as the credits roll, the rest of the scream is cut to normal opacity, albeit fading out towards the ending.
  • It is clearly unknown what happened to the minion pig when he fell off a cliff.
  • The jackhammer would later be used in Swine Symphony.


Mechanic Pig
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