Jacquie is a bird in Angry Birds Evolution that can be obtained regularly in the hatchery.


This hen is off her rocker and winging it

Don’t dis her solo skills or she’ll skin you to make a new drum set!

Favorite ice cream: Rancid road



She is a tall white bird with long wings, black V-Shaped line on the thorax, a long orange beak with a curved top part, long orange feet, large eyes with pink irises and small eyelashes, black eyebrows, a white feather tail and long white and black hair with just some feathers.

She wears a black jacket with gray parts, black bracelet with silver thorns on her right arm and a red headband with white triangle lines and spots.


She has now black facepaint near her eyes, her beak is now white with red lapstick and there's another black line. She now wears a silver chain with a silver pentant that is a circle with the initials ''MF'' in it and her jacket has now a back frill.

She has now two zigzag stripes on thorax.

Sick Air Guitar Solo

Based on Catwoman, it's the same as her evolution but the beak has a black tip and her jacket has a diagonal shoulder pad. She now wears a black small t-shirt, she now wears a silver chain with a cat pendant and a black tall cat mask.

She has 3 more lines on thorax.

Long Air Guitar Solo

Her hair has more feathers that are pointy with purple tips, her eyebrows are white, her beak is gray but doesn't have a tip and her tail has purple tips. She wears a larger jacket, a black collar, a red bandanna with a dark and light checkerboard pattern, a purple and black and Anarchism badge on the jacket and a silver chain with a silver eye of Providence.


She was based off the Grinch and was creepy, she had a sharp beak with a smile that reaches the eyes, her eyes had black face paint around them, she had bushy black eyebrows, she was laughing evily, she had white and black afro hair and she wore a different headband with white small Rockband symbols.


Air Guitar Solo Rank 1

Play a sick riff, hitting all enemies in its path for 644 damage, pushing them away. When pushed into fans, they take additional damage.

Air Guitar Solo Rank 1 (Evolution)

Play a sick riff, hitting all enemies in its path for 2083 damage, pushing them away. When pushed into fans, they take additional damage.

Sick Air Guitar Solo Rank 1

Play a sick riff, hitting all enemies in its path for 2360 damage, pushing them away. When pushed into fans, they take additional heavy damage.

Long Air Guitar Solo Rank 1

Play a uge riff, hitting all enemies in its path for 2360 damage, pushing them away. When pushed into fans, they take additional damage.

Leader Skill

World Famous

The bird's fame attracts fans. Hitting a fan increases a bird's damage by 10% times the amount of present rockstars for the turn.

Awaken Skill

Damage against obstacles increased by 40%.

Bird Information


When she is in her first level, it is less than 350, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.


When she is in her first level, it is less than 160, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When she is in her first level, she gives less than 840 Bird Power to the team, but she can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 400 White Evolution material to evolve her. It then costs 1000 Evolution Material and 10 White Evolution Essense to evolve her to a last evolution.

The income of White Evolution Material and Coins when selling her varies according to her level.


  • Her beta appearance lead into the creation of Hot Grease, a Thanksgiving bird, and Scrooge, a Christmas bird.
  • ''Rancid Road'' is a pun on ''Rocky Road'', a type of ice cream.



In the Beta

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