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Jammed is the twenty-fourth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description[]

What food do piggies love almost as much as eggs? When a couple of hungry hogs find a jam jar, they'll do anything to get it open.


The camera starts by focusing on an orange jam jar. Two pigs sniffing on the jar can be heard. The two pigs can be seen and the camera focuses out. The left pig tries to eat the jam only to have his teeth get hurt. The right pig tries to open it with a spring screwdriver, only to be broken and thrown away. The left pig gets a wrench only to get broken and thrown away again. The right pig gets a cake and grabs a meat cutter out of it slicing the cake in half. The right pig tried to cut the lid with it only to be burned and turned to ash. The left pig gets a balloon dog only to put back. The left pig then gets a huge hammer only to cause a small earthquake on the area and thrown away. The right pig gets a huge chainsaw only to explode, and the handle gets thrown away. The left pig gets a dynamite while the right pig gets a piece of sliced bread. The dynamite explodes, and the pigs and the jam switch places. The toast is burnt, and the credits roll.



  • The balloon dog is similar to the balloon dog of the Angry Birds Toons "Pig Talent" episode.
  • The explosion effect of the TNT is the same of the episode "Snooze".
  • When the pig throws the hammer, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.



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