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The Janitor Pig, is a character who first appeared in Piggy Tales: Third Act, during the episode Up The Ladder, being the janitor and in charge of repairing the lights of the Piggy Theater. Some time later he appeared in Piggy Tales: 4th Street, as well as in Angry Birds MakerSpace, where he worked as a janitor in the MakerSpace building.


He is a medium pig, who wears a gray janitor's hat with a snout logo on the forehead. In Angry Birds MakerSpace, this hat changes, being blue and with a broom. drawn. On certain occasions he usually carries a broom in his hand, as well as other cleaning items.


Janitor Pig is usually a relaxed character, but often gets angry when his work does not go as expected, as shown in Up The Ladder, when the light bulbs do not work properly. He really enjoyed working inside the Piggy Theater, like other pigs, he cries when the theater closes in Final Curtain. In VR 2000, he can be seen surprised and scared when he sees Red wearing a virtual reality headset, destroying objects in a laboratory.

Game appearances[]

Angry Birds Seasons[]

He appears in Piggywood Studios.

Angry Birds Fight![]

The Janitor Pig appears in Angry Birds Fight as a rival to Chuck in Dr. Pig's lab. Do not underestimate this pig. Unlike Stella and Dr. Pig, his health gets depleted slowly. At floor 1, his attack range is around 20 to 30. But starting from floor 17, his attack range is upgraded to 50–60. Try to sabotage his health, attack or defense by at least 10% to defeat him easily with better RNG and luck.

Media appearances[]

Piggy Tales: Third Act[]

Piggy Tales: 4th Street[]

Angry Birds MakerSpace[]


  • He owns a car, which is heard in Lost Piggy when he is called by the Singer Pig.

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