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Jay, Jake, and Jim, also collectively known as The Blues, are identical characters in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. They were introduced in 2009 as the second characters introduced and core members of the original flock. Ever since their first appearance in Poached Eggs, they have appeared in numerous installments of the series as main characters.


The Blues' Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Quick and inventive, Jay, Jake and Jim keep their friends amused with their latest mischief. They enjoy arguing and especially playing devil's advocates. Being such the creative types, they can have a hard time focusing on tasks - especially when they feel tedious or routine. But when they do focus, they're resourceful and inventive problem solvers.

Jim, Jake and Jay were born in a baby blue egg after the Battle of Pig City, with Red nearly sacrificing his own life in saving the triplets' lives.

It can be assumed that after these events, they were raised by their parents, then they were trained by Red and grew up to be part of the core flock - then brought back to Piggy Island. It is unknown what happened to their parents, who appeared in the movie, but not in the game or any other instances. A theory states that they could have died.

The Blues are very mischevious birds, often getting into trouble for pranks at the other birds. They have a very close bond with each other, almost always being seen together.

Despite their childish nature, they can be very intelligent and cunning, and use this feature to get out of situations they find themselves in. They are extremely gifted in constructing contraptions, though this talent usually goes to fooling the pigs or the other members of the flock.

Sometimes they don't understand their boundaries and limits, or when to stop. This causes them to get into trouble, though they always manage to get out of the situations they find themselves in.

Though they can be very rude to their guardians and fellow flock members, they really do look up to the other birds. They see Matilda as a loving, gentle mother figure, Hal as a knowledgeable, kind role model, and Silver as a fellow young prankster.

Jay, Jake, and Jim's involvment in Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Template:Infobox character 2The Blues first made their debut in the original Angry Birds game, where they were the second characters introduced and members of the core flock. After their introduction level in Poached Eggs 1-10, they become playable characters for all of the themes that follow. (excluding The Big Setup, which was dedicated entirely to Hal and Terence)

While in early cinematic trailers and promotions, there was only shown to be one, single blue bird, it has then on been confirmed that they are 3, seperate individuals, rather than one bird that duplicates itself.


The Blues' are the first birds to be introduced that have an ability, which is to split into 3. The birds are split with some force, so the top bird flies a bit upward while the bottom bird flies a bit downward, while the middle bird continues in the regular path.

Their strengths and weaknesses are seen here.

There is also a neon blue potion in Short Fuse that, when in contact with pigs, splits them in 3. This can rack up your points insanely and can have destructive effects, especially when the potion is cracked near multiple targets.

Angry Birds Seasons

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim, along with the rest of the flock, appear in the next installment of the game as playable characters. They were introduced when the game was first released (previously known as Angry Birds Halloween) in the Trick or Treat theme as the second characters introduced, and then on appear in all of the following themes.

Unlike the other games, Seasons maintains its character designs, so the Blues keep their classic appearance.

Like all of the other characters, they have unlockable costumes.

The Blues, while not oftenly, will appear in cover art and promotional art as prominant characters. (such as Ham Dunk, where they and Bomb and Bubbles appeared in the cover art rather than Red)

They also appeared in the Ham'o'ween animation as the main characters, where they save Bubbles from being consumed by the pigs.

Strangely, though Bubbles is smaller than them in this animation, he appears much larger than them in-game.


The Blues bear the same exact ability that they have in the first game, with no major changes made to their size, strength, or speed. 

When it comes to water logic in Piglantis, they will be extremely weak if they don't have any speed. Thus, the player should only target structures and pigs close to the surface of the water, so that they can hit them immediately or first plunge into the water and then recieve some speed as they float to the surface.

They are also moderate at destroying sand and snow, which are very weak substances. It is suggested, because of this, that the player doesn't use them to destroy these materials, as if structures are supported by these materials, the Blues likely won't destroy enough of the material to knock the structures down.

Angry Birds Rio

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim along with Red and Chuck are captured by the smugglers and sent to the Smuggler's Den in Rio. They are encaged in a room with other stolen birds, but due to their strength and rage they are able to break out of the cage, beginning the events of the game.

They are once again the second characters introduced, and after the player unlocks them they are playable characters in all of the themes that follow.

Once the flock defeats Nigel and frees all of the birds, they manage to hijack the plane and send it back to Piggy Island, where they manage to arrive just in time to save the eggs from being stolen by the pigs once again.

The Blues, along with the rest of the flock, go back to Rio to visit their friends Blue and Jewel, starting the Rio 2 segment.

In this segment, the Blues, like all the other characters, recieve design changes. Jay, Jake and Jim take on their Toons animation style, but no majro features of them are changed. They recieve newer outlines and shading.

Strangely, in the earlier promotional art and animations for the game, only one single blue bird was shown. However, this is likely because it hadn't been decided by Rovio whether they were 3 seperate birds or one single one.


The Blues maintain the same ability they have had the past two games, and no major changes are made to their speed, size or strength.

However, it is notable that marmosets and caged birds are much tougher targets then the pigs, who were very weak and easily popped. The Blues can easily break through the cages and marmosets but cannot destroy entire groups of them as they can with the pigs. 

The Blues are not very useful when it comes to directly harming bosses, so during boss battles the player should use them to knock down weakly supported structures or to activate TNT boxes.

Angry Birds Space

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim were first teased along with the rest of the birds when the game was being introduced in 2012. They were then introduced along with the game as the "Lightning Birds". The Blues and some of their flock members were introduced as superheroes, based off of comic book characters.

After their first appearance in the Pig Bang episode, they will appear in all of the following episodes as playable characters.

The story begins with the Blues and the other birds looking after the eggs, when Ice Bird shoots out of an opening wormhole with his eggsteroid. A robotic arm shoots out of the wormhole and kidnaps the eggsteroid and the flock's eggs, causing the Blues and the other birds to shoot themselves into the vortex, sending them to space.

Through the portal, the birds are transformed into their space counterparts, along with the Blues. They fly out of the portal into the final frontier, beginning the events of the game.

The Lightning Birds' appearance is based off of the Flash, though their ability has nothing to do with speed.

The Lightning Birds, along with all of the other birds (excluding Atomic Bird) recieved their own promotional videos which can be found on YouTube, and their own merchandise.

Their launch noise and corpse noises are just modified versions of their original.


The Blues yet again have the same ability, though are now charged with electricity. (though this does not do much) When they hit a surface, they have an electric shock, though this does not actually do anything, and is merely just for show.

The Blues are also commonly placed after Ice Bird, due to their compatibility with destroying ice/glass.

Bad Piggies

Template:Infobox character 2The Blues appeared in Bad Piggies as the Main Antagonists when the game was first released, though they only appeared in the cutscenes. They prank the pigs by painting rocks with white paint, tricking them into thinking that they are eggs, beginning the events of the game. Once the pigs find out that they've been tricked, the Blues laugh, knowing that their prank was successful.

They then have a much more involved appearance after the Flight in the Night update, where they are featured as enemies. After this update, they along with Chuck and Red appear as hazards for the pig. This is the first time the Blues appear as antagonists.

Jay, Jake, and Jim's designs slightly change. They recieve different outlining, as well as better shading and animation.


When Flight in the Night was first released, they did not appear in the initial 10 levels. However, once the second and third chapters were released, they were featured as enemies in various levels. They first appear sleeping, however if the player makes enough noise, they will wake up and go after Ross.

Like Chuck, they use their ability when they sling themselves. If they split far from the player, then the results will not be as destructive, as a single blue bird is not very strong. However, if all three manage to hit the vehicle then it is possible for the player to lose control and crash. It is notable that there is no glass in the game, but they can still activate TNT and damage wood. (though they will simply bounce off of metal pieces)

They can also land on the top of your vehicle, which will cause terrible balance and can topple the player over.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Template:Infobox character 2The Blue Squadron, or Pilot Birds, are counterparts based off of Jay, Jake and Jim in the Angry Birds Star Wars universe. They are part of the Rebel force against the Pork Side, and normally fly jets.

Unlike the other characters of the game, the Blues are not based off of a specific character, but an entire group.

The Blue Squadron fly in formation of one, and then split to confuse the enemy. They are reliable and dedicated in fighting the sith. According to the encyclopedia of the characters, you must be "blue" in order to be a part of the army. Their helmets are worn with pride to represent who they are, while the orange stripe running down in the middle allows them to see each other more clearly.


Once again, the Blues have the same exact ability that they've had in every single game before. (actually being the only characters whose ability didn't change in this game) 

However, as the player progresses he/she can unlock an upgrade, a feature that has never existed before in any of the other Angry Birds games. In this upgrade, their ability becomes much more stronger, and an electric shock is added when the hit any surface, causing a mini-explosion. Once the player unlocks this feature, it cannot be removed, and can be used in any of the levels, even the ones previous to the upgrade.

It is also notable that in this game, the characters' abilities can be activated for a small period of time after they land, so this should be kept in mind when the player is playing the game. However, when this is used with the Blue Squadron, it is not very effective.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Template:Infobox character 2The Blues appear in Angry Birds Star Wars II again as not specific characters of the series, but more so multiple characters of the same type. They are the counterparts of the Jedi Younglings (or the Blue Padawans as said in the game), and appear very late into the game in the Rise of the Clones theme. 

Jedi Younglings are the apprentices of their mentor, Yoda. They are first seen in the Rise of the Clones cutscene assisting the other birds in fighting Zam Wessel. (though they were introduced from the very beginning of the game as power-ups)

Unlike the squadron, the Jedi Younglings use a new, Toons based animation style rather than one that is just a re-skinned version of the original.

The Jedi Younglings have a short padawan haircut covered by a helmet, which protects them.


Unlike most of the other birds of the game, the Blues actually retain their original ability of splitting in three once again.

However, a notable change that has been given to them is that they are now also effective in destroying wood as well as glass, making them much more useful characters in gameplay. They are also much bulkier and slightly larger than in the past games.

Angry Birds Go!

Template:Infobox character 2The Blues appear in Angry Birds Go! as playable characters of the game. Once the player unlocks them, he/she can use them freely (provided that he/she has energy)

The Blues were introduced with the rest of the flock when the game was first released, and were involved in promotional material and trailers for the game. They also recieved their own merchandise, including Jenga and Telepod figurines.

For the very first time in the Angry Birds Universe, the game is based off of computer generated images and 3D modeling, and the Blues have their own CGI models in the game. They take on the same exact appearance as they always do unlike many of the other characters.

While Jay, Jake and Jim are 3 seperate characters, they are counted as a single unit and sit together in a upside down helmet with the number "3" on both sides. The helmet can not be removed and will always be with them even when the player changes karts.


The Blues, for the very first time in the Angry Birds series, do not have the ability to split into three. (as it would not make sense in a racing game)

Instead, they have 3 short boosts that the player can use any time during the race. While a single boost is not as powerful as other characters like Red and Chuck, it is much more versatile and can be distributed throughout the course, though it does require a bit more strategy and timing.

Angry Birds Epic

The Blues were introduced in Angry Birds Epic as playable characters along with Red, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda. Once the player unlocks them, he/she can use them as one of the 5 playable characters in the story mode. They take on the role of the archers in the game.

They also appear in promotional material and trailers for the game.

The Blues, like all of the other characters, can be customized to the player's preference. This includes their costume (which effects their abilities) and their weapons. This is entirely based on the resources that the player has.


To see Jay, Jake and Jim's stats, costumes, and abilities, see here.

Angry Birds Transformers

Template:Infobox character 2Although the Blues appeared in many promotions for the game, including merchandising and the comic series, they never made an actual, playable appearance in Angry Birds Transformers until updates later on. They are the counterparts of Bluestreak, Prowl, and Smokescreen.

Bluestreak's In-Game Description:

Here's a question that's puzzled the world's scholars for years - what happens if you give the Blues control of a giant robot body?

Now they've teamed up with Bluestreak the Blues have access to limbs, lasers and missles.

Bluestreak is reowned for his pinpoint sharp-shooting skills, but the Bleus have more of a 'fire at everything then keep firing then fire some more' attitude Still, they get the job done - they're having so much fun blasting stuff that they don't notice they're in any danger! Optimus Prime has tried telling them off but it doesn't work - only one of Heatwave's intense stares can get them to obey orders.

Prowl's In-Game Description:

While some of the Angry Birds and Transformers team-ups work well together, the mix of Prowls' intense logic and the Blues' freewheeling fun has been... complicated.

Prowl wants to plan everything carefully, but the Blues - they don't really 'do' planning!

In the end it was decided that if the Blues want to have fun then it's only logical for Prowl to join in.

Prowl supports Optimus by devising plans and strategies.

Recently, his planning has become more difficult for Prowl. When a long strategy session means all three of your heads fall asleep from boredown it's hard to concentrate over the snoring!

Prowl is all about the power of three! Three Blues, three cluster bombs, and a clip size of three! The bombs fire quickly, so you can use them to snipe at moving enemies!

The clusters will come out thick and fast! Don't expect to be able to predict where they fall - Aim for the center of something big and let the splash damage take care of the rest.


Bluestreak's gameplay description: Bluestreak's weapon should be familiar to fans of the Blues! Upon impact the bomb splits into three smaller clusters!

The initial impact won't do much damage, so aim where the smaller cluster bombs can hit surrounding objects - these really pack a punch and should be enough to shatter even the strongest tower!

Prowl's gameplay description:

Prowl is all about the power of three! Three Blues, three cluster bombs, and a clip size of three! The bombs fire quickly, so you can use tehm to snipe at moving enemies!

The clusters will come out thick and fast! Don't expect to be able to predict where they fall - aim for the center of something big and let the splash damage take care of the rest.

Angry Birds POP!

Template:Infobox character 2The Blues first appeared in Angry Birds POP! as limited edition characters, and have since been occasionally brought into the game for special events. As limited edition characters, they'd be playable for any section of the game by player choice.

They are so far the only members of the original flock to not be permanent characters in the game.

The Blues take on their Angry Birds Toons appearance in the game, and use computer animation, allowing for them to be much more lively and animated.

While they don't appear as playable characters in the game, they still appear in the loading screen and other sections of the game.


Each character in the game has their own unique bubble boost, and each character's bubble has a different ability. The Blues' ability is entitled the Triple Threat or otherwise known as the Triple Pop. When the bubble is fired, it will disperse into 3, popping bubbles in three different areas.

Their bubble is neon blue with three glowing orbs inside of it.

Angry Birds Fight!

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim appear in Angry Birds Fight! as one of the 6 playable characters of the game. Other than being playable characters, they also appear on the matching board as matchable icons.

The Blues oftenly appear in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Certain parts of the game use computer animation, such as the player's customizable characters. The Blues use computer animation during battles and in some other parts of the game. They use their Toons animation, and while other games base their characters off this appearance, Fight! takes its character animation straight from the series.

As of August 1st, 2017, the game has been discontinued and taken down from the Play and App stores, and servers have since been shut down.


The game wouldn't include much gameplay with the birds, but more so the player's objective was to match rows of 3 of the birds' icons, which would be placed all over a matching board. Matching rows of 4 or more would activate that bird's specific ability. If 4 of the Blues' icons were matched, then they'd paint random panels on the board of the opponent. 

Once the round is over, the two battling players would begin fighting, and the player's success was determined entirely by how many points he/she made.

Angry Birds 2

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim appear in Angry Birds 2 as one of the 7 playable characters of the game, and are the second characters to be introduced in the game. 

The game's playable characters can be upgraded if the player earns enough feathers to fill up their meter. Blue feathers, which upgrade the Blues, can be found in treasure chests or as rewards if the player wins in tournament rounds/meets certain objectives. Upgrading characters allow them to rack up more points, making 3-starring levels easier and makes getting cards easier.

The game uses computer animation for the second time in a slingshot game since Angry Birds Stella, so the Blues make much more pronounced expressions and appear much more lively.

The Blues take on their Toons counterparts, and also are given the same voices used in the animation series.


The Blues once again have the same ability to split into three, and are once again good at breaking through glass. 

Since the game utilizes the card feature, the player can use the Blues as he/she likes throughout the level provided that they are in the player's deck. It is suggested that they are used obviously on glass structures, but also when multiple pigs are located in different areas, or perhaps propped by balloons.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim appear in Angry Birds Ace Fighter as main and playable characters. They appear in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Jay, Jake and Jim's Description In-Game:

The Bleus are the naughtiest birds in the flock. They are cheerful, fear nothing and are always playing pranks and causing general mayhem.

Rovio announced that the game would be discontinuing due to adjustment of structure platform, as well as an expired contract with Siamgame. On September 6th, 2016, the game was removed from the Play and App stores and recharge was turned off, making the game nearly impossible. On October, 10th, servers were shut down.


The game is based off of a "Shoot Em Up" style, with the player placed at the bottom of the screen as enemies fly down from the top of the screen.

Not much is known about the Blues role in the game. It is known that they were one of four playable characters, and could be paired with different kinds of planes.

Angry Birds Blast!

Template:Infobox character 2Jay, Jake and Jim appear in Angry Birds Blast! as one of the six characters of the game, but none are actually playable characters in the game. They appear in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Every character has his/her own unique quest, and the Blues' quest reads the following:

"Find some little buddies and have a party!"

All the player has to do to fill the objective is play levels with hatchlings on them, and earn 2 pink hatchlings and a blue one. 

The Bleus take on their Toons appearance in multiple areas of the game, but the blue birds incased inside of the balloons take on a slightly different, more exaggerated appearance.


The game's objective is for the player to pop groups of 2 or more balloons to free the birds inside. Multiple blue birds can be found in the blue balloons. 

Other than this, there is not much direct gameplay involved with the birds, and the game is based entirely off the player.

Angry Birds Holiday

The Blues did not have a major part in this game, with most of the focus being on Matilda, who guided the player through the game. They do have a purchasable item wiht in-game currency, and can be unlocked if the player buys the item.

The game was never released outside of soft launch, and Rovio officially announced that the game stopped development and it was shut down as of December 31st, 2016.


As the game was never given a worldwide release, not much is known about it. It is known that the Blues owned the Yard Sale item, and if the player purchased the item they would unlock the Blues.

Angry Birds Evolution


The Blues are event only characters, and do not appear in the story or any chapters of the game. However, there are "blue birds", which can be customized and upgraded to the player's preference.

On this game Jay appears piloting the Angromedon, he has three evolutions and is available on the Valentine's Day Event.

Angry Birds Toons

The Blues are featured as main characters of the Angry Birds Toons series, and make many appearances in multiple different episodes. (and commonly are the main subjects of their own) The series shows more depth into their personalities and interests outside what the game has shown us.

To see Jay, Jake and Jim's involvment in the Toons series, see the episode listings below:

The Angry Birds Movie

The Blues' origin story is introduced in the Angry Birds Movie, including how they were born and the movie also shows a slight hint at how they join the flock.

To see their involvement in the movie, click here.

Angry Birds Blues

The Blues are the main characters of their own series, Angry Birds Blues. The entire series is based off of their life as hatchlings, and takes place after the events of the Angry Birds Movie.

To see their involvement in the Angry Birds Blues series, click here.


To see more, click here for the full gallery page.


  • The Blues are the only characters to not have eyebrows, but there are rare situations like the cinematic trailer.
  • A concept of the Blues was made in 2008, showing the ability for birds to split. They and Red are the only known birds who were developed at that time.
  • The Blues' ability was never changed or even slightly modified in any slingshot-based Angry Birds game.
  • They are the smallest characters in the game, though they are known to be larger than Bubbles in animations.
  • Jay was named "Jon" in an Angry Birds Comics as a typo. This also happened with Bomb, who was incorrectly named Bob in the Space Comic.
  • Jay is leader of his brothers.
  • When playing games that use their chrome designs, the Blues will immediately turn into corpses once the player activates their ability regardless of whether or not they touch a surface.
  • The Blues appear in this wiki's abandoned template.

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