Jenga (Pirate Pig Attack) was a special episode for Angry Birds Go!.


In v1.0, episode opens when you click "Jenga" button is under the main episodes in the scene selection screen. In v2.0, you can play Jenga in the Settings screen.

To access it, you need to pay $1.99, or you can enter a special code.


The player starts with the usual start to the typical slingshot. The track is not large, stretching from a slingshot to ship pigs; the background can be seen a cannon, palm trees and a statue of the Mighty Eagle. Cannons will interfere with the character to go quietly to the structure. Goal of the game, the right to run a bird in the racing car and bring down their machine pigs pirates and break their ship.

Ship to destroy is not very difficult. The structure of the ship, there are glass, woods, TNTs and stones; in appearance it resembles the structure of the board game. On this given 4 attempts, with the pigs given 5000 points. During the passage of the level a player gets a maximum of 70 bird coins.


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